DM - DeathMatch
One of the most popular gamemodes at FFS. The main goal is to survive as last player alive. Players are racing to reach the Hunter in order to eliminate others. Gamemode is split into 3 types: Hard DM, Oldschool and Classic.
Modern is most modern version with advanced maps. Drive your way through really hard maps on which the last surviving player wins. At the end of each map you are given a Hunter to eliminate all other players with explosive force.
Oldschool, on the other hand, is based on older and easier maps. With more than 35 players this arena disables Hunters and instead uses Who Finishes First (WFF) mode to determine the winner.
Classic A, B & C consist of maps exlusively from 2006 - 2010 period which are most notable for slow gameplay and solving small puzzles to reach the Hunter. It comes in 2 variants - with and without ghostmode that allows you to drive through other vehicles without collisions. Highly recommended for beginners.
432 Slots
5 Rooms
One of the oldest gamemodes in MTA. Racing is something very common yet unique due to original tracks and limitless possibilities.
Nothing matters but the speed. Take perfect race lines, learn tricky corners and prove that you are the fastest racer alive.
Unlimited Slots
DD - Destruction Derby
The objective is to eliminate all players by either colliding or knocking them out of the track.
Alpha room includes all types of maps with all kinds of vehicles.
Cross includes 1-2 level maps with Cheetah and Tampa vehicles only.
Classic xDD consits of classic cross maps only chosen by our staff. Five minute rounds with respawn after being killed. Kill players, increase your kills/deaths ratio, the player to get the higher ratio wins.
128 Slots
3 Rooms
Hunter gamemode is solely dedicated for Hunter fights. Our anti-spray and spawn protection will help you to hunt others down. It is common to say there: "Don't Flame, Get Aim!"
Alpha room is a default Hunter gamemode.
Beta WSF is an advanced Hunter gamemode. 7,5 minute rounds with respawn after being killed. Kill players, increase your kills/deaths ratio, the player to get the higher ratio wins.
Spawn Protection
56 Slots
2 Rooms
Experience true fights, and survive. Shooter gamemode offers unique power-ups and special vehicles equipped with variety of weapons. You can find Infernus only rooms with and without jumps, WSF (Who Shoots First) room, as well as level-up based rooms where your vehicle changes with every new level.
5 Power Ups
5 Weapons
128 Slots
Spawn Protection
5 Rooms
Another exclusive FFS gamemode with mind-blowing 2,900 stunts all around GTA San Andreas world. Each stunt has been created by dedicated mappers of our community, resulting in very unique and biggest collection of stunts you have seen in any game.
> 3,000 Stunts
Another race gamemode which is based on motorbikes. You probably have already tried it in other games, and, therefore, familiar with it. FFS was first to implement such a gamemode in MTA, and probably still the only server to offer it nowadays.
Unlimited Slots
HP - Hot Pursuit
Racers vs. Police - that is what this gamemode is all about. Racers organize and participate in illegal racing, whereas cops do their best to catch law breakers. You might be very familiar with it from other games as well.
50 Slots
It all started with the idea that you can race without a car. Run arena combines benefits of deathmatch, race and derby. You can be parachuting in one map and hitting someone's head with a baseball bat in another. Possibilities are endless.
32 Slots
PTP - Protect the President
It is a cooperative third person shooter with some aspects of roleplay. Team members have to work together in order to achieve common goal. President, protected by Secret Service and Police, is trying to survive for 15 minutes. Terrorists are there to make it not happen. Civilians can join either side, and Medics heal everyone injured.
You can choose your role in every class. Let's say you want to join police, you can become Cop, Sheriff, SWAT, FBI, or Army. As you progress in the game, you earn points and unlock more roles to play.
128 Slots
Car-based soccer has never been so fun and enthralling on MTA yet. Our very own physics model demands skilful and tactical play to come out as a winner. Imagine the friendly matches, clanwars there is loads of fun to be had.
You can create your own public or private arenas to play with your friends. Choose type of the match, time duration, vehicle, team names & much much more.
Custom Physics
Advanced UI
General Keys
F2Menu in Stuntage Arena
F2Change Class in PTP Arena
F4Current Radio Song Info
F5Top Times
F6Map Info
F7Music Store
GGlobal Chat
LLanguage Chat
TMain Chat
YTeam Chat
RReveal Deathlist
OHide/Show Players
MTurn Music On/Off
CChange Camera
/togglechat PM/Global/Language/MainToggle Chats
/join LanguageChoose Language Chat
/pm Name or ID MessageSend Private Message
/re MessageFast PM Reply
/ignore Name or IDIgnore a Player
/report MessageSend Quick Report to Admins
/bm Map's NameBuy Nextmap
/ubmCancel Your Next Map
/likeLike Map
/unlikeUnlike Map
/id Name or IDFind Player
/goto Name or IDJoin Player's Arena
/spec Name or IDSpectate Player
/follow Name or IDFollow Player (DM)
/fix or RRepair
/nos or NNitro
/saveSave Your Position
/warpWarp to Saved Position
/cvVehicle Menu
/cv Vehicles' Name or IDSpawn Vehicle
/mark Name or IDMark a Player on Radar
/gmToggle Ghost Mode
Death Match
/autobAllows you to play even if everyone is dead
Right Mouse ClickChoose Best Spawn
Mouse WheelChange Spawn
/nosChange Nitro Mode
Hot Pursuit
XDrop/Remove Stingers
Control Vehicles in the Air
Before performing any actions, make sure you do not press W key.
to do front-flip.
to do back-flip.
or A to spin on the left.
or D to spin on the right.
space A to rotate vehicle on the left.
space D to rotate vehicle on the right.
What are the rules?
  1. 1. Be polite towards all players - never insult nor make any racial or religious comments.
  2. 2. Speak English in Global chat. Use Language chat for your language.
  3. 3. Do not abuse bugs - report all bugs on the forums.
  4. 4. Cheating is not allowed - play fair at all times.
  5. 5. Camping is not allowed. Do not ask people to camp or stall rounds in any way.
  6. 6. Advertisement is not allowed.
  7. 7. Spamming/flooding is not allowed.
  8. 8. Account sharing is not allowed.
  9. 9. Teaming is only allowed in specific arenas/rooms with icon.
I experience FPS drops/freezes/lags at the server. How to fix it?
1. Open your MTA folder which is located in: .../Program Files (x86)/MTA San Andreas 1.5
2. Navigate to /mods/deathmatch/resources/ folder, and delete all its content.
3. If the folder is empty, check your MTA San Andreas 1.3/1.4 folders, and do the same thing there.
4. If you experience internet issues, try to close programs which consumes a lot of traffic (e.g. Torrents), or pause downloads if you have any.
When I join the server, I can't see anything - login panel is not being loaded. How to fix it?
Our login panel is based on CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) which might be affected by Google Chrome browser.
1. Delete MTA and Google Chrome completely.
2. Set Internet Explorer as default browser.
3. Check if you have Outlook and set it as default email client.
4. Install fresh MTA, check if it works.
5. Install Google Chrome.
Can I share, gift, sell or trade my account with others?
No, account sharing is strictly forbidden. If you get caught sharing account with others, you will be banned and your stats will be reset.
Can I have more than one account?
Yes, multi-accounting is allowed unless you are using it for any sorts of abuse. For example, organizing fake clan wars or faking certain members.
How do I subscribe?
Simply navigate to Premium page, choose your payment option and follow the steps.
What countries are supported for SMS payments?
Simply navigate to Premium page, select SMS and press PURCHASE to see if your country is currently supported. You can change your country by clicking on the label in the top-left corner of the pop-up window.
I would like to pay via SMS, but my country is not there. What do I do?
If your country is not on the list, it means that it is either not supported or being under approval by SMS providers. You can still, however, pay via PayPal, PaySafeCard or Bitcoin.
I just paid, but have not received my Premium status/money at the server. Why?
● If you made the purchase while being online at the server, you need to reconnect. If it does not help, feel free to contact an admin.
● When you pay via PayPal, your transaction might be put on hold in order to check and verify it. As soon as PayPal verifies the transaction, your Premium status/money will be delivered automatically.
Why do I get more Premium Days by paying via PayPal, PaySafeCard and Bitcoin?
The main reason is because PayPal, PaySafeCard and Bitcoin are direct services - your payment goes to us immediately, whereas SMS payments do not work in that way and come with very high fees.
Map Testing
I just uploaded my map, how long do I have to wait?
Our map testers work incredibly hard to keep the wait time below 24 hours.
My map was accepted, but it is still not at the server. Why?
Accepted maps are being uploaded to main server when there are less than 330 players online. It helps us to reduce lags, and deliver smooth gameplay experience. If amount of players is less than the described limit, and your map is still not uploaded - feel free to contact an admin.
Clan Manager
How do I purchase sub-forum for my clan?
Simply navigate to clans page , find your clan, and there you will find the purchase form.
Only clan founders are able to purchase sub-forums.
Can my clan play clan wars against Premium users?
Only unranked clan wars. The reason is because many clans have been abusing it in order to farm clan war ratio and improve general statistics.
How do I color my nickname?
Simply use HEX color codes right in your nickname.
Examples: #FF8900, #FF0050, #5050FF, #50CC50
Usage: /nick #ff8900-tag-#505050Nickname -tag-Nickname
How do I change my forum username?
Only Premium users are able to change their usernames by requesting it here
What are the most useful BB codes?
BBcode is a lightweight markup language used to format post messages.


Text Size[SIZE=3]Text Size[/SIZE]

  • ● Item 1
  • ● Item 2
   [*]Item 1
   [*]Item 2
How do I successfully post an image or video to the Gallery?
Image - use direct link of the image file which ends with image's format (.png, .jpeg, .gif)
Video - simply use video's link. Supported embeds are: YouTube, Dailymotion, Soundcloud and Liveleak.
How do I add title in the Gallery posts?
All you need to do is simply write your title next to the link.
Example: "This is my title http://www.this_is_my_image.png"
Couldn't find an answer to your question? Ask it down below in the comment section, or contact an admin
Destruction Derby
Hot Pursuit
Protect the President
Capture the Flag
Destruction Derby Fun
3 Simple Steps to Include Song in Your Map
Put music script in map's folder Script
Put song in map's folder, and rename it to song.mp3
Add these 2 lines in meta.xml file between <meta> and </meta> tags:
<file src="song.mp3"></file>
<script src="music.lua" type="client"></script>