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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 18-05-2020, 14:42 • #41
    Author(s): EM1N3M.
    Map Name: [Trials] Country Ride I
    Category: Trials
    Description: Not much to say about the map. Just got inspiration from Aviici's song "Hey brother" so I decided to do a map to express what I was thinking. The map starts in an old town, in the 40's specifically. The decoration changes from a few semi-detached houses and the neighbors to some planes flying over an island. It symbolizes that the war was about to start.

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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 18-05-2020, 23:29 • #42
    New category has been added: CTF
    General Information:
    • What is CTF? It's the abbreviation of Capture the flag. CTF is a gamemode where two teams each have a flag and the objective is to capture the other team's flag, located at the team's base and bring it safely back to their own base. Example: [CTF]AniMoGeR7 - Turn it up
    • Use this script to create CTF maps for now. A specified mapping guideline to follow very soon.
      IMPORTANT: we decided not to reinvent the wheel and use common assets to provide support for old maps as well.
    • CTF entries are sent to Micra privately just like FDD and Garage are.
    • Follow CTF Mapping Guidelines
    • Check the rules in main post.


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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 22-05-2020, 07:46 • #43
    Author(s): Tobster
    Map Name: Capture The Castle
    Category: CTF
    Description: Great, had already started working on this map before it was officially announced. Been playing CTF for a very long time and now finally made one. #ctfarena
    Tips for anyone making a CTF map:
    • Make sure your map is symmetrical (both sides similar to each other)
    • Avoid placing objects or borders that could get the flags easily stuck (ex. rocks)

    If you need any additional help in making one - just msg me

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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 25-05-2020, 09:14 • #44
    Author(s): Prox
    Map Name: [RUN] Prox-BMX-Future
    Category: RUN
    Description: I have made this map during the lockdown since I have a lot of free time. The map is totally special. You won't find maps like it in run. And, have fun.
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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 25-05-2020, 14:43 • #45
    Author(s): @BriaN & @Pchzy
    Map Name: Lush Plateau
    Category: DM
    Description: Just a simple & fun map, perhaps suitable for WFF events

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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 25-05-2020, 23:56 • #46
    Author(s): Eleven and @TurBo
    Map Name: [Shooter] Eleven ft. TurBo - Yakushi'ji
    Category: Shooter
    Description: Link to the thread


    Here are some screenshots for the map in-game

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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 31-05-2020, 01:22 • #47
    Author(s): Cookie
    Map Name: [OS] Cookie - Olewei
    Category: [OS]
    Description: I made this map dedicated to two of my friends i've met in the gta:sa community. Andrej and Huan. Both sadly lost their lives to depression.

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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 02-06-2020, 08:42 • #48
    Author(s): @Sky! & @SupeR^
    Map Name: FFS garage
    Category: Garage
    Description: Nothing to add.


    Of course, We would like to thank @Bully! for the record.
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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 02-06-2020, 16:35 • #49
    Author(s): Skyress
    Map Name: Falling from Heaven to Hell
    Category: Minigames, The Fall
    Description: Since the concept is about "fall" I wanted to make something meaningful.

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    Re: FFS Gaming - Mapping Contest VI 03-06-2020, 09:22 • #50
    Author(s): Redusz
    Map Name: Uncharted
    Category: RUN
    Description: First when I started this I had no idea how it will turn out, just wanted to include the first part which is kinda unique in RUN scene. After that I decided to make a theme/vibe for it so I looked into Uncharted game which also contains parkour. With @jsebita 's help we could make it happen (Uncharted's main song, Nathan Drake's model) if I'd get any position please give half of the price to Sebi.


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