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    In-game: dLt#NDX
    Your currently and former nickname(s), age and location:

    My name is Alex and i am 22years "young" and i'm from Germany. Ingame NDX

    Share with us your story, tell us a resume of your career in MTA:

    i started playing on ffs gaming in 2013 and after a short time i developed a lot of interest in this game and since then the time passed by very fast, after playing active ffs for 2 years i started to play clanwars and had my first own clan sH| Hypersonic Snakes. after i got to know the world outside of ffs i could not stop playing clanwars. and since then I've had three separate clans over the years [NTL] 2016 [ArG] 2018 [AE] 2019-2020. btw in between I have already organized 2 dd tournament. now there is a point in my life where i say i have invested too much power and time to run my own clan,does not mean that I would not tune my best possible for wild.

    We are pretty sure you've been in other clans, please list the clans(s) you've been in:

    sH| Hypernsonic Snakes | Founder
    {vVv} veni vidi vici | Member
    [NTL] Nothing to lose | Founder
    [ArG] Art of Gaming | Founder
    {BoS} Best of Stunters | Member
    [AE] Aevum | Founder

    Tell us the real reasons why do you want to join Wild:

    i want to join wild because wild is a stable clan in contrast to so many other clans and currently every team dominates.

    What can you do for our team?:

    like everybody else is writing right now I could help you in clanwars is bullshit. what i can offer you is a server, my knowledge to organize a tournament.

    Where do you see yourself in our clan (try to think what position would fit you the most):

    i see myself only as a member, but i am happy to help with any issues.

    If you would have to rate your skills in DD from 1 to 10, which number would you choose and why?:

    8 of 10 Through the years you've gained some experience and that would give me an 8 myself.

    Tell us a strong point and a weak point of your personality:

    [ - ] if someone provokes me, I might get angry, but everyone is human and can work on it.
    [ + ] if you really know me you can see that I am a good and very reliable

    Your Skype or Discord?:


    Something about you?:

    I am very loyal to a team that I really want to join.
    PS: for my behaviour and the problem we had i just want to say sorry again and here's to a new one
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    Good luck master
    Sad to see AE closed once again but buddy dont give up our clan need player like you re-think about it men
    ffs is love ffs is life
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    Originally Posted by ahmedbs
    Good luck master
    Sad to see AE closed once again but buddy dont give up our clan need player like you re-think about it men
    thanks, I'm definitely ready for it!
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    good luck man <3
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    Originally Posted by RaedonX
    good luck man <3
    thanks buddy
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    gl dude!
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    Good Luck Bro.
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    thanks knk

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    Good to see you again friend, good luck
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    Originally Posted by serifu12
    Good to see you again friend, good luck
    thanks ma friend:b

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