1. 26-05-2020, 10:46

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    1.What's your nickname(s), age and location?:

    hello my nickname is *Demon when i was 20 years old i live in saudi arabia

    2.Tell us a bit about your MTA journey:

    i started playing in 2013 and i loved this game since i was young and i still discovered when i became addicted to everything like a shooter. i realized i had to complete it. i am a hero in the shooter and my friends are there admins.

    3.Previous clans and reasons for leaving:

    community clans:

    Essence of Speed (EoS!)
    zNation! (zN)
    Critical Source (cS//)
    No Limit (nL)

    4.How would you rate your Shooter Skills:

    i think this clan knows my level really well but lets say 8/10

    5.Why do you want to be a part of our team?:

    i think this clan is very special and has great people she has some friends that I know so i think i would be very happy with her.

    6.Contacts (Preferable Discord):

    Discord: Demon#9077

    7.Additional information(optional): /

    i hope u are always happy
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  2. 27-05-2020, 10:03
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    Re: ZFDemons Join Request 27-05-2020, 10:03 • #2
    Closed to prevent false information until our decision.
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  3. 28-05-2020, 00:56
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    Re: ZF'DEMON's join request [Declined] 28-05-2020, 00:56 • #3
    I would like to announce that you have been Declined as we feel that you do not fit Zero-Fear! quality assets. If you’re still willing to join our team you may apply once again in 2 weeks.

    ZF' Management.
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