1. 27-05-2020, 15:19

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    In-game: pbHaley
    Nickname(s) of the Junior(s): Polomy
    Infringement: teaming with other racers
    Date and Time (optional): 27-5-2020 15:30
    Screenshots or/and Videos: Image
    Additional Comments: Polomy banned me because I killed him in the arena and he accused me to leave other racers but in fact, I was killing any racer appear in front of me in a long time and he didn't anything but he did that now because old problems with me also I can't kill all racers because I don't know all maps.

  2. 27-05-2020, 20:57
    Junior of HP
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    In-game: Polomy
    Re: Reporting Polomy 27-05-2020, 20:57 • #2
    I banned you becouse you was focusing to me and let the other racers go, it is forbidden. You shouldn't let them go but already you know it.


    Here its possible to see how you let them go.


  3. 27-05-2020, 22:22
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    In-game: M3ssi.wP
    Re: Reporting Polomy 27-05-2020, 22:22 • #3
    So once again, you clearly let other racers to finish which explains the reason that you have pure hate in connection with him and towards other players as well. As I see it, PB just started again this quarrel which based on such an unacceptable behaviour. Just because you do not like him/have problems with him is it empowers you to focus on him and meanwhile let other racers to go? Or how would you explain that?

  4. 27-05-2020, 22:31
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    In-game: 'Danny
    Re: Reporting Polomy 27-05-2020, 22:31 • #4
    Invalid and closed due to solid proof provided by Polomy.

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