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    (1) What's your nickname, real name, age and current location?:

    My name is Ramsis, 15 years of age. Born and living in Cario, Egypt.

    (2) How long have you played MTA, what were your previous clans and reason for leaving them?:

    My history began in early 2009, stomped on freeroam servers as my first servers I have played in MTA. I didn't know anything about this game or how to type in chat and so on. After like 5 months without learning anything about this game or the game-mode. Someone in the server I was playing learned me how to type and deal with the server and play freely via Facebook. Despite he was new in MTA too but he was very old in SA:MP and experienced. After being a well-known person in this community, I could be an official administrator there to punish people and those stuff. After spending in this server like three years continuously, someone told me about SMT, about like shooter server and other game-modes. I found there alot of Arabs. I take the chance to be known there and how to play shooter. 3 years passed, knew a server called TG. I had played shooter for years, knew some friends like Zmany. I knew alot of Arabs and cool friends there. Until I realized that there is a big community called ffs, played there and it's my current activity there. Played like three years until I knew 3R and I joined itself.

    (3) What do you think about Iron Will?:

    Friendly clan as always, I joined here many times so I need another chance to be here in this community since my friends published their join requests here and my friends are here, it will be good for me.

    (4) How can you be helpful for us?:
    Playing CWS, designing but just still beginner anyways.

    (5) How could we contact you?:

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    Re: [SH] Ramsis' Join Request 31-05-2020, 05:49 • #2
    Good Luck Ram
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    Re: [ACCEPTED] [SH] Ramsis' Join Request 01-06-2020, 01:30 • #3
    Accepted Welcome to the Community

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