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    In-game: Minke97#
    What's your name(s), age and location?: My name is Minke i am 19 years old from Indonesia, North Sumatra, i like playing football, hangout with friends and sometimes i like smoking shisha too xd, i like playing football i have a good team we always train and have fun together we also sometimes play Fifa on Playstation.. That was all about my real life and it shows a bit of my personality or treatment method so all my dreams is to get better in life and make much more friends.

    How long have you played MTA: SA?: Iam playing MTA since 2007

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?: Victory Starz - Closed

    Why do you want to join FFS?: To be honest I like the atmosphere , members here are very friendly also I would like to help this clan to get better and better.

    What are your goals as a moderator?: I think I can contribute a lot to the community/team. First and foremost, I would offer my good attitude. Lets go deeper in it. I am very tolerant to people. I respect every background and try to learn about them so I know how to start a conversation with people from different backgrounds. Also, I am very mature, perhaps too mature for my age. That does not mean that I cannot take a joke though. The other thing that I would offer is my activity. I try my best to be online as much as possible. Finally, I offer my DM skills.

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