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    In-game: -ffs-Zeke#
    What's your name(s), age and location?:
    Name is Željko but in-game is mostly Zeke, 19 years old and I am from Croatia.

    How long have you played MTA: SA?:
    I believe it was around 2010-ish when I started MTA, first servers were roleplays (CIT, chaos.de.to/gamenet...) and DM/racing (Team NeO) with real life friends but after they quit I kept on playing and I focused mainly on DM/Race mode, I kept playing mostly for fun and out of joy with breaks until I once returned to MTA and decided to join my first competitive clan (fH-), basically my competitive 'career' started from there, it was around 2016 if I'm not mistaken. I found out about FFS thanks to the first season of L7 tournament, It really opened doors to many possibilites and new things. I have actively attended most of the tournaments since first L7 (over 1000 matches) and I think not so many people did that. Also I have been active in all of competitive FFS events in past few years, performing better with time as I got to understand more about tournaments and ways how to play, I have achieved several achievements like being winner/mvp of most of drafts, reaching 2 WFF Finals and 3 WFF OS Finals, winning iOS (International Old School) tournament as part of Balkan team, being MVP in some L7 DM season and being MVP in many important matches,etc... I have had quite a trip with teams, some were reasonable some were not but my last team(XpR) was where I achieved my peak, It was 2019 year and through whole year I have contributed a lot in all the matches we had (various gamemodes) and also in 2020 I even organized hunter tournament with help from Naval and other players, judging by responses it was a great success and well organized, at the end my team won it. No doubt XpR was one of the best clans I was in and I am grateful for having that opportunity. After our 3x win streak in L7 WFF, I simply thought I could use a change (hopefully I don't sound too selfish or triggering), especially when I heard some news about future tournaments and so here I am.

    Have you been in any other clans (if yes, name them)?:
    -[UG]- => Undercover Gamers
    -EPC- => European pro clan
    fH- => from Hell
    /TfF\ (x2) => The Favoured Few
    >VIP< => Very Important Players
    #Z => Zenosyne
    -ffs- => FFS Gaming (squad)
    iW// => iron Will
    |-XpR-| => Xtreme Pro Racers

    Why do you want to join FFS?:
    As I mentioned in my history, I thought I needed some change, something new in this game, and I don't see any other satisfying option at the moment but to try my luck and wear the -ffs- tag once more. At the moment I am looking for stable high activity server that does not mind one extra admin, I can offer support to events and work on some stuff regarding them, perhaps I could even share my opinion on decisive moments whenever it/if will be needed. Once I get my mood back I could also support the competitive team(s) inside the team, preferably OS team at the moment. Moreover I'd like to spend time with some members inside the team since I got quite a few peeps that I know and are fun/cool to hang out with.

    What are your goals as a moderator?:
    Main goal being a moderator would be to not abuse in any way, needless to say if I see some rule-breaker I will be sure to act in short interval without a doubt (that's if I will not be occupied by other matter in that time). I will try to pay attention to those who seek some sort of guide/help or have any questions that need to be responded to, of course if I will have the requested information. I will aim to be fair and modest with my rights if I will eventually become the one with rights.
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