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    L7 DM, FFS - Korn with tr0yb0!
    Mapname 1 point Players alive
    1. BriaN ft. Gasoil ft. KnOwN ft. Pepyaka - Body Talk FFS 1:0 Korn -ffs-swifty#z7 ArMexy|F -ffs-AnUs ffsDarking[z7]
    2. Siisti-C V1 - Blow FFS 2:0 Korn -ffs-swifty#z7 ArMexy|F -ffs-AnUs ffsDarking[z7]
    3. Osnet - Focus FFS 3:0 Korn ArMexy|F -ffs-AnUs ffsDarking[z7] -ffsbeast!z7 -ffs-tony#z7
    4. Rafinha V10 - Skrillex FFS 4:0 Korn ArMexy|F -ffsbeast!z7
    5. ThisGuy v4 - No JuJu FFS 5:0 Korn -ffs-swifty#z7 -ffsbeast!z7 -ffs-tony#z7
    6. APs v3 - Rampage FFS 6:0 Korn ArMexy|F -ffsbeast!z7 -ffs-tony#z7

    15 ArMexy|F (Killed: 5, Passed: 5, Survived: 5)
    12 -ffs-AnUs (Killed: 5, Passed: 4, Survived: 3)
    11 -ffsbeast!z7 (Killed: 3, Passed: 4, Survived: 4)
    9 ffsDarking[z7] (Killed: 2, Passed: 4, Survived: 3)
    8 -ffs-tony#z7 (Killed: 3, Passed: 2, Survived: 3)
    7 Beyond[Korn] (Killed: 2, Passed: 5, Survived: 0)
    5 -ffs-swifty#z7 (Killed: 0, Passed: 2, Survived: 3)
    5 [Korn]/AsTo[N] (Killed: 0, Passed: 5, Survived: 0)
    5 HateX[Korn] (Killed: 1, Passed: 4, Survived: 0)
    3 Crystal[Korn] (Killed: 0, Passed: 3, Survived: 0)
    2 FernandinhO[Korn] (Killed: 1, Passed: 1, Survived: 0)
    1 -ffs-Adidas (Killed: 0, Passed: 1, Survived: 0)

    MVP: ArMexy

    Referee: tr0yb0!
    Assistant: HawK

    *Just to avoid confusion, Korn members decided to quit after 6 rounds. Match was not completed due to Korn not having any players to compete.
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    ez af

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    I want to explain couple of things.
    Firstly, from what I've seen people with working mouths are talking here and everybody knows that. Even though, I don't like ffs because of some people in there, it's not about eliminating XpR and making ffs qualify. It might be considered as something else but it's not. Approximately Almost every one wanted XpR to be in Semi Finals and ffs to be eliminated but we did the opposite. By eliminating them, we made FFS, eP and iW play with each other. My first reason was iW was going to have a chance to win and my second one was to eliminate XpR. I think someone needs to put those egoistic pricks in their place. We're just playing a game here, there are people who enjoy to belittle people by considering MTA as their real life. To talk about FFS, to face with them on Semi Finals ain't a chance, I mean it sounds like they deliborately planned it. I don't know how much of it is true or not since its my own thought. If they did it, justice will be served I believe. All of those comments posted by XpR side to FFS are either wrong or stupid. We deliborately wanted to continue in L7 DM as ex-Korn members and wanted to eliminate XpR from tournament by beating them. What Zeke has written is so stupid that even if you tell that to a 6 y/o kid he would say "make some sense plz". You're telling that you should play against a closed-clan. I think you're the ones trying to take advantage of it. Yet we, as I said it above already, wanted to continue deliborately just to eliminate XpR from the whole tournament. We've already beaten you, and I'd like to remind you your ragequit while crying.

    One more little thing, we were not eliminated from L7 WFF tournament. We told Robert_M to take us out from the whole tournament but he didnt, so we left it with our own decision. So that FoXX replaced us. If we had left XpR was going to play, but we didnt leave as we wanted to. Thats the proof.


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    1 -ffs-Adidas (Killed: 0, Passed: 1, Survived: 0)
    I repeat, quit dm come dd..
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    Imagine making a join request to clan which you have called before as a ''shit community'' isn't that kinda infamy? xd
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    imo close thread

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    Love you all

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    fern carry?
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    Thanks to korn for deciding to play till the very end even though they didn't have to do it

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    xddd turks mad, if i wanted and had mood i would win korn alone

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