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    Capture the Flag | Mapping Guidelines

    What is CTF?
    It's the abbreviation of Capture the Flag. CTF is a gamemode where two teams each have a flag and the objective is to capture the other team's flag, located at the team's base and bring it safely back to their own base. In order to score for your team, you need to bring the enemy flag into your base while your flag is there.

    How to make a Capture the Flag map?
    This thread will cover all the necessary steps and requirements you should follow in order to have your map pass the map-testing stage and get accepted.

    • Make sure there are always enough spawn points. It's a must to place 32 spawnpoints, 16 for each team.
    • The map should include two bases.
    • Map must be big enough to have enough space for fights. Preferably symmetrical maps, especially the team bases.
    • Limited repair or nos pick ups spread all around the map. Do not use them excessively.
    • Placing vehiclechange pick ups is not allowed.
    • There should not be any random obstacles in the track.

    • Download this script, upload it to your mapping server and start it through resources.
      Note: File name must remain the same as "shooter_ctf" else it won't work.
    • Then click on Definition
    • After doing that, this table will open. You would see shooter_ctf, press on it and click 'Add'.
    • Next step is adding Flags. Doing it is very similar to placing spawnpoints or repair/nos pickups, you will find it down there by scrolling your mouse-wheel.
    • Later on, you have to press F3 and select teams accordingly (red/blue).
    • Now you can place the 32 spawnpoints via shooter_ctf script.

    How to upload your map?
    Map uploader supports CTF maps. You can upload them here but make sure to use the accurate prefix: [CTF]

    Happy Mapping
    Good luck!
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    Added a video guide created by @riser .

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