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    10 years - an entire decade has passed since the moment Bauss & Reny took the bold decision to open "yet another" 32-slot racing server. With unforeseen consequences. Less than a year later it was already on par with well-established communities such as XIII, EPG or DDC. One main key to success being legendary mappers such as DeAdAnGeL, Vortex & Andershell, who, with the help of Bauss' Mapping Toolbox, kick-started a new era in MTA mapping.

    Later, in 2012, first multi-gamemode on MTA platform aka FFS Gaming 2.0 was released by vEnom, Bauss & Sniper, completely turning the tables for the entire racing scene. Throughout the years, multiple experienced developers were recruited, allowing for the concept to be pushed to new levels with numerous amazing new arenas being added. At the time, nobody could have predicted the huge success it would see just three years after its release. Breaking the astonishing record of 824 concurrent players online in 2015!

    This very special anniversary gives us more reason than ever to proudly look back at what can be achieved when dedicated gamers team up to create something bigger than themselves. Something that would last longer and entertain more people than anyone could have previously imagined.

    To refresh your memory, we have prepared a bunch of old screenshots showing various stages of this unique journey:

    As much as we like to proudly look at past success, we are just as curious to see where the journey will be taking us in the next decade. And trust us, there is so much more yet to come!

    Oh, and needless to say by now, enjoy 10 days of free Premium and Double Cash & Points!
    You can also expect spontaneous giveaways, arena events and live-shows by our Community DJs during the entire day!

    Server Updates

    Tuning 2.0 aka Garage

    To begin with, kudos to NitroN for the amazing teaser he prepared for this very special occasion!

    They used to say we were always lacking tuning features - fact. Our current set was not properly updated for roughly eight years and leaves a lot of potential for us to become yet another breaking point. Months of continuous work, tons of amazing tuning features. The long-awaited update is coming along this summer!

    FDD aka Destruction Derby Fun

    Based on a concept which dates back to 2012 and was first brought to FFS by ex-members Martin & Holzhocker with their large derby map "Random Luck" consisting of a random vehicle-change marker at the center of the track.
    We managed to recover plenty of (g)old maps specially for this room, including this beauty!

    • Anti-delay: implemented to Race Alpha, Trials & Run arenas @Luminaire
    • Ghostmode: spawn-protected players in xDD & WSF modes will now have ghostmode enabled @Luminaire
    • Chat: arena mute is now applied to all chats, including PM
    • Daily Challenges: doubled money rewards
    • Daily Challenges: added CTF support @Luminaire
    • PTP: increased AFK idle time to 40 seconds
    • Minigames: added Ping limits @PLASMA
    • Minigames: added new Tron gamemode @PLASMA

    Capture the Flag
    • CTF: increased respawn time to 5 seconds
    • CTF: team colors are now applied to vehicles
    • CTF: increased round duration to 10 minutes
    • CTF: scaled flag up for better visibility
    • CTF: fixed blue flag being returned to wrong position in certain cases
    • CTF: session Kills are now displayed in Scoreboard (instead of global)
    • CTF: abusing team assignment system by rejoining the arena is not possible anymore @Luminaire
    • CTF: teammates will now have ghostmode enabled @Luminaire
    • CTF: increased AFK countdown to 5 seconds
    • CTF: increased maximum AFK violations to 2
    • CTF UI: fixed killdetector & arena messages overlap

    Tournaments Outcome

    Legacy of Lucky Seven - Organization Speak Up

    What a journey it has been since the first tour of Lucky Seven, which was played 3 years ago! From the beginning of the format, more than 20 clans have taken part across seven seasons of L7, with many of them leaving a huge impact and making this format even more enjoyable to play and spectate. The first season was played with a total of 7 participating clans, as the name of the tournament suggests. Eventually, the format was growing so quickly, some of the seasons had to incorporate qualifications for newcomer clans. In the end, 435 players took part in L7 tournament over 7 seasons - a truly impressive amount of participants!

    We would like to thank everyone, who made this tournament as smooth as it was, regardless of the ups and downs which are absolutely natural in an ambitious project of such scale. Overall, we dare to say it is one of the best clan-based tournaments in the history of MTA racing, if not the best.

    At this point, we shall also remember the person whose idea it was to bring rivaling clans together in a professional league - MTA veteran Tails. She turned this tournament into a passion and thus managed to achieve true success. Her hard work during each of the seasons may never be forgotten.

    While Lucky Seven format has come to an end for now, we are, in fact, just getting started. Stay tuned for more highly innovative formats across a wider spectrum of modes - with, undoubtedly, the best tourney organizers in all of MTA.

    Lucky Seven 7

    The last season of Lucky Seven has come to an end. We congratulate Xtreme pro Racers for taking the trophy home once again and showing solid performance as usual - 368 - 192 (+176) and 9 points.

    Xtreme pro Racers
    368 - 192 (+176) | 9 points

    Elite Players
    338 - 228 (+116) | 12 points
    Midnight Team
    354 - 206 (+148) | 12 points

    Lucky Seven DM 4

    Congratulations to FFS Gaming for winning their 3rd trophy and showing dominance through the entire season - 67 - 30 (+37) and 21 points!

    FFS Gaming
    67 - 30 (+37) | 21 points

    Elite Players
    53 - 51 (+2) | 15 points
    Iron Will
    56 - 48 (+8) | 15 points

    WFF OS 10

    10th edition of WFF Oldschool has just ended and we congratulate ANTAR for winning the tourney for the first time in an intense battle!

    Most points scored (147)

    Most maps won (42)
    Top-5 points scored (118)


    And to properly celebrate this special anniversary, we are adding fresh meat to our own rows:

    Welcome and enjoy your stay! For the others who were not recruited this time, remember that we recruit new members every three months, so you can always post a new join request.


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    hello =D

    Congratulations guys! I hope you have a trully unforgetable stay in our team that is fulfilled with joy and happiness.
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    yani dog

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    Words in the right order are so powerful.

    Coming soon on NitroNTV:
    Click me!

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    GG 10 years
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    uffffffff 10 yearssssssssssssssssssss

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    Happy birthday FFS! Gratz everyone who joined!
    ''A wrong decision is better than indecision.''
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    Congratulations everybody!

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    Happy birthday FFS from Spain! 😍😍

    And congratulations to our new lovely trials!
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