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    In-game: Casse
    Nickname(s) of the player(s): Dark
    Account(s) of the player(s) (With the link to the account.): I don't know his account name.
    Infringement: Racist, insulting and provoking
    Date and Time (optional): 30.06.2020, beginning from 17:19 in Turkey
    Screenshots or/and Videos:
    Translated Text (if applicable): CarBall'da maç yaparken durum 2-0'dı ve o kazanıyordu. Ben gol atmaya başlayıp durumu 2-2'ye getirince pinginin olduğunu söyleyip ırkçı söylemlerde bulunmaya başladı.
    While playing at CarBall, the situation was 2-0 and he was winning. When I started scoring and brought the situation to 2-2, he started to make racist discourses by saying that he had a ping.)
    Sorry for translation. My English is not very good so i used google translate
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    Re: Reporting Dark for insulting and provoking 30-06-2020, 16:50 • #2
    Hey! Firstly, i will change your title, but please use correct title before reporting someone next time.

    As for the report, insufficient evidence, please don't forget to take a screen of his account stats or give a link.
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