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    PTP Mapping Guidelines

    • You need to use Cylinder Markers.


    • You can add multiple spawns for a single class if you'd like (except for President)


    • The size of your cylinder will determine the amount of players that will spawn there


    • There are 6 classes in total that come with requirements(Do not forget to add them, otherwise your map will not open.):
    • President has only one spawn size with size 1.
      the color code to add: - 255,255,0]
    • Secret Service (can have multiple spawns & any size)
      The color code to add for this class: - [0,30,200]
    • Police (can have multiple spawns & any size)
      The color code to add for this class (can have multiple spawns & any size) - [0,170,255]
    • Medics (can have multiple spawns & any size)
      The color code to add for this class - [0,255,0]
    • Civilians (can have multiple spawns & any size)
      The color code to add for this class: - [255,255,255]
    • Terrorists (can have multiple spawns any size.)
      The color code to add for this class: - [200,0,0]

    • An example of where to place the colors:



    • There must be a spawn point for all 6 classes.
    • Make sure class spawns aren't in different cities. (f.e president in San fierro, terrorists in Los santos.)
    • Don't have different classes spawning near each other. The only classes that should be in the same spawning area should be the President and Secret Service.

    Decoration & Mods :

    • The decoration part is the MOST important, this will determine if your map is creative/unique enough to be accepted and in our server. Be original. We get many PTP maps uploaded daily and what we look for is something creative and unique.
    • You can add many mods to your map, like skin, ground, weapons, cars. however, many of the car mods that Mappers add to their maps are very different from the original, such as adding the FBI car mod to the infernus. We don't accept the limo mode unless it is similar to the original. it is better not to add Limousine mod to your map.
    • Make sure there isn't any flickering/bad object placing before uploading your map
    • Do not add any flying cars or any other script to keep you superior to others. (f.e shooting car, or a car that floats easily in the water .etc)


    • Hunter, Hydra and minigun. pickups are not allowed because they are distributed to the map automatically by the server. If you add them, those pickups won't appear anyway.
    • Health/armor/weapon picks are allowed.(except minigun.)
    • Do not forget to add pickups such as gun, health, and armor to your map, there may be players who are new to the game and who are inadequate in terms of weapons. this makes their job easier.
    • Do not add RPG weapons to bunkers or secret places in your map.

    Vehicles & Aircrafts:

    • Make sure the Limousine is placed where the President will be spawning (max 3 limousines), Police vehicles are placed at Police spawn and so on.
    • Add a maximum of 3 Shamals and 3 Rustler to your map. These planes are dangerous enough for the president. this rule is only for these two planes. you can add more for other planes.
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