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    Deathmatch Mapping Guidelines


    • Do not blatantly copy parts from other maps.
    • Do not use provocative or offensive map names.
    • If your map contains a song, make sure it follows radio guidelines.
    • Do not intentionally include shortcuts or hidden hunters in your map.
    • Make sure to thoroughly test your map before uploading it; Map testers are ought to only finalise this process.
    • Your map has to be well done - no badly connected or flickering objects.
    • All parts of your map should be consistant - they should work as intended everytime.
    • Each landing in your map should be smooth and not bumpy.
    • Use signs and markers to clarify the way for players in case the part might be unclear.
    • Diversity of the track is very important, making 3 loops in a row is only a time filler.
    • Any slowloading of objects is unacceptable.
    • Freeroaming with any vehicle apart from helicopters should not be possible.
    • Random obstacles in the air or on the track are unacceptable.
    • For skilled maps lovers: make sure that at least first minute of your map is enjoyable and passable for an average player.


    • Endless toolbox loops with 300+ objects are not welcome.
    • Placing the track at the same level as decoration (or a bit lower) is highly appreciated.
    • In terms of decoration - the less toolbox used, the better it looks.
    • Try to match the objects used to the theme of your map (tropical theme - brown rocks, palms etc., not snowy trees)
    • Decorations should look as real as possible - objects such as bridges should not hang in the air.


    • All objects should be visible and have collision.
    • Maps should not contain too many re-scaled objects.
    • Race pickups should be completely visible.
    • Maps without decoration won't be accepted.
    • Variety of vehicles used is welcome.
    • Slow/tricky parts are welcome.
    • Slide, roof or backwards parts are not allowed.
    • Instruction parts are not allowed (i.e. "Space + A/D etc.)


    Classic rooms only contain old maps, therefore you can't make maps for those rooms.

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