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    Fun Destruction Derby | Mapping Guidelines

    What is FDD?
    It's the abbreviation of Fun Destruction Derby; pretty much self-explanatory gamemode which proposes Fun rather than competitiveness. FDD maps contain all kind of vehicles except for aircrafts and overpowered vehicles as Hunter or Rhino. It also includes a random vehiclechanger placed in the center of the map. Example: [DD]Martin ft. Holzhocker - Random Luck

    How to make FDD maps?
    This thread will cover all the necessary steps and requirements you should follow in order to have your map pass the map-testing stage.

    • Make sure there are always enough spawn points. It's a must to place 32 spawnpoints.
    • The map should include double, large and wide roads to fit all vehicles.
    • Space between track and spawnpoints is required to avoid large vehicles getting stuck.
    • Description in meta.xml should include the tag #fun
    • Vehiclechanger marker(s) should be located in the center of your map. Placing more than one vehiclechanger is welcomed.
    • If you make decorations, make sure players will not be able to camp on them.
    • Map must be big enough to have enough space for fights.
    • Limited repair or nos pick ups spread all around the map. Do not use them excessively.
    • Placing vehiclechange pick ups is not allowed.
    • There should not be any random obstacles in the track.
    • If your map is close to GTA world, make sure to block the way to it.

    • Download FDD add-on.
    • Add it in your map folder.
    • Edit the marker(s) coordinates of vehiclechanger in the given script (precisely described in the video).
    • Edit your meta.xml and add the following line: <script src="client.lua" type="client"/>
    • More information can be found in the guide video.

    How to upload your map?
    Map uploader supports FDD maps. You can start uploading your maps now but make sure to follow the aforementioned guidelines and to of course use the accurate prefix: [DD]

    Special Thanks to -ffs-riser for the guide video

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