1. 06-07-2020, 23:24

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    In-game: MikeY^
    Nickname: MikeY^
    Serial: BD9C667F1EED0214AF93C7726E548BB4
    When were you banned/muted: 5/6 months ago
    What was the reason for your ban/mute: You wasted your chances
    For how long have you been banned/muted: 1 year
    Who banned/muted you: @FFS -SmoK!
    Additional text: I apologize with all my heart for the situation that happened there that day, I was stupid and I'm still all, what was I expecting? that the administrator will forgive me such rude behavior? I did not want to really challenge but suffered as always in such situations, I would like to apologize once again for that behavior was bad and I did not think about it, I would also like to ask for the last chance, because the server is still attracting me and its lack that, so to speak, affects me .

  2. 26-07-2020, 17:25 • #2

    Head of DM OS

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    In-game: -ffs-SmoK!
    I had enough of your negative behavior and I don't believe you have changed yet. You will wait out the remaining ban time.

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