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    Hot Pursuit Mapping Guidelines

    • Set 25 Racer spawns and 25 Police spawns.
    • Racer cars: You can use every car for Racers (excluding Police cars).
    • Police cars:Enforcer, FBI Rancer, FBI Truck, HPV1000, Police Car (LV), Police Car (LS), Police Car (SF), Police Ranger, Police Maverick, Rhino, Hydra, Hunter, Predator, S.W.A.T
    • Do not place vehicle spawns close to eachother to avoid collisions at the start.
    • Divide Cop spawns into smaller squads to avoid fights at the start.
    • Do not place checkpoints in tight places (for example bridges) to avoid that one cop can block the whole map.
    • Make CP sizes minimum 8.

    For more details, check this tutorial

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