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    RUN Mapping Guidelines

    • Use peds as a spawn instead of TDM spawns
    • Add Race to the gamemode
    • Make sure you put Race Checkpoints instead of Markers
    • Do not put hidden shortcuts in your map such as invisible objects helping you reach checkpoints faster
    • Make sure to make a way up if you fall down, it will more than often result in players camping. Another solution would be to make the map high up in the air so that players will die when they fall down
    • Make it certain that all jumps are possible and remember to hide defective objects with decorations so it looks good to the eye
    • If you want to make a map with bikes, change the peds to Race spawns, then change the vehicle of the Race Spawn to BMX, Bicycle Or MTB
    • Do not add secret spawns, for example 30 normal peds and 2 Race spawns hidden somewhere
    • You may add shortcuts to your map as long as they are not hidden, remember to not add too many
    • Your map should not be longer than 2:30 minutes, any more is already too long and will likely not be accepted (exceptions can be made)

    Miscellaneous mapping tips:

    • If you want to test your map, make sure to press F6 instead of F5
    • If you want to test out scripts in your map, save your map first, after that add TDM as a map definition (not gamemode!), then add a TDM spawn. Now make a Full Test / F5 with Race as the gamemode. Don't forget to delete all TDM spawns before uploading your map
    • If you want to place a jetpack in your map, place a pickup (or more) and rename it to something you remember. After finishing your map, save it and open the .map file in an editor, search for that pickup and change the type to "370". It should look like this. Once it's uploaded on the main server you will see the placed pickup replaced by a jetpack

    For more details, check this tutorial.
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