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    [Cave] Join request

    • What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?:
      Ahmed, VULTUREX, 17 and Pakistan

    • Which game modes do you play?:
      Shooter, Stuntage and Minigames

    • How long have you played MTA: SA?:
      14-01-2014, playing FFS since then.

    • Have you been in any other official clans (if yes, name them)?:
      Simply list the clan and write a brief explanation of your departure.

      I tried to join one few months ago but I have never experienced any offical clan as a member.

    • Have you been in any other teams in this community (if yes, name them)?:
      Simply list the team and write a brief explanation of your departure.

      • Stuntage Team - CoFounder - Left - Demoted
      • Critical Source - Member - Kicked/Closed - Mysterious Reason
      • The Limitless - Leader - Left - To join bigger clan

    • Why do you want to join our team?:
      As I mentioned above I am looking for a bigger clan with great history. PRC is an active clan with a huge amount of players and they cover almost every arena on FFS. I have many friends in PRC so it is perfect for me.

    • What are your plans once you join our team?:
      Nothing more than meeting new faces, making more friends, enjoying this game and creating new memories with them, and improving myself with their company.

    • What can we learn from you and what can you learn from us?:
      On FFS I am much experienced in Stuntage and can help there. I heard that ppl in PRC are good in roasting. So I can learn some good sentences from them. (nvm).

    • What are your skills in-game?:
      7/10 Overall

    • Describe what kind of person you are in Real Life:
      I am a less talk-active person but have many friends in real life and I used to spend my most of leisure time with their company before covid. Currently I am passing through that phase of life where one sets his goals for future. So I'm an ambitious person.

    • How can we contact you (in f.e. Discord)?

    Discord: VULTUREX#9412
    Skype: live:alitahir2013

    My Laptop is not working well. And my overall activites on FFS server are nearly zero. I will try to come back asap. But I'm much active other places.

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    good luck
    Rest In Peaces Tzuyu real Unbeatable Citizen

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    Good luck vultu!!


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    Good luck mate !

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    good luck bro!

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    Good luck
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    Good Luck Bhai
    I'll miss you from Limitless

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    Good luck, u are only 17 but u are stuntage God

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