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    In-game: XpRSuhaibZ!
    This is something that this community has never seen and chances are that people probably do not want to see this now either but it's a day of happiness for the two of us and means us a lot and considering both of us have considered you guys our family at various points of our life, we decided to share this with you guys. If you have any kind of hate, feel free to fuck off because this one is all about love.

    Oh, not a hater? Sorry for the long post, itís because it is based on 5 years, please read the whole story! <3

    ĎOla amigos!
    I am SuhaibZ, most of you either donít know me or donít like me for I have always been a rude-dumbass (but trust me daddy I am a better person now) and the other person here is Elsa, a shooter player, loved by every single person who knew her for her immensely kind nature UwU and THIS IS OUR FAIRYTALE!

    Today is the 5th anniversary of our meeting. 5 years ago, in a miraculous moment of one of the last 10 days of july 2015 (we rounded it to 25th july) while I was sitting my ass playing at ffs, I get a random message:

    *PM from Elsa<3! (###): hey, are you from pakistan?

    I replied yes and there we go, I, a 14 year old dumbass kid, found a 12 year old kid who was the only girl from Pakistan that played MTA (or the only one i know). We immediately became friends and started playing together everyday for hours. A huge coincidence happened here; As Elsa was a Pakistani living in KSA, I asked her where her house in Pakistan was and found out itís in my grandparentsí city, most of my relatives live there and we go there multiple times a year. Even bigger coincidence that I later found out was that she lived half a km away from my grandparents house and just on the back side of my auntís house. This was a huge thing since Pakistan is not big but ainít small either. We got interested in each other, shared things with each other and I found out she was a person like me just a lot better version. I was a quiet person and I didnít talk to people because I always had an inferiority complex and when people talked to me I listened to them so I was a good listener in real life. Elsa was the best listener. She was the only person in my life ever that instead of telling me wanted to listen to me more. This little girl had a hard life back then along with even bigger inferiority complexes which people in her life made worse and honestly living wasnít something she was good at or intended to be. I was loved by all those people who mattered to me in my life and I never had to care for anything or anyone so a person with a hard life who just needed a good friend and some love seemed to be an attraction. We both probably got in each other what we needed and wanted and we were in a game so it was pretty much all well. We started getting into each other more and more, we played ffs a lot and we shared our lives with each other. Time passed by and ultimately we became best friends but we still didnít have any contact outside the game. 2015 passed. Later on, when I had a problem getting on the server for weeks we started talking on the forums as she was prohibited to have any social media and now apart from the game we had long conversations there too (a time came when I was on top of the ďmost PMs received on forumsĒ list).

    Everything was going good but we were still all about the game. Had one of us stopped playing the game, I believe we wouldn't be around each other anymore. A year passed like this then as Elsa was a Pakistani living in KSA, she along with her family had to come to Pakistan for the summer and she wouldnít have any access to PCs for a few months and the internet was a complex thing too. We had a little argument on the server and as far as I remember both of us cried (more because of the separation that was going to happen). Fun fact: that was the first time I cried for someone.

    She returned to KSA after summer, everything was pretty much going smooth, 2 best friends talking everyday and playing without any contact outside forums and the game. We both changed a lot and under each otherís influence we were better at life and we couldnít stop talking with each other. 2016 passed like this, she had probably seen me a couple times in my pics, I accidentally saw her once and damn retard was angry why I saw her and made sure that doesnít happen again and yeah this means we didnít fucking meet cuz I was so ugly and inconfident.

    Earlier in 2017 she came to Pakistan went back to KSA once then came back again and has been here ever since, dw babe I wonít let u go back ever again XD. With the start of 2017, we started having issues, we both had earlier developed strong feelings for eachother but neither of us knew what it was and both of us never took it serious thinking it was just a timely habit and that we were just game friends and will forget each other someday (joke of the century). We had developed serious issues and our lives (mainly mine since I was in a relationship and both of us realised itís impossible to have a female bff while having a gf) were disturbed, we shifted to whatsapp, talked to each other 24 hours a day, did absolutely nothing else, privacy never existed between us and we were aware of every moment of each otherís life. THINGS got worse and the only solution we figured was to leave each other. We thought it would be easy and simple but nah bro life said hold my beer which later made us accept we are not just each otherís 24 hour habit but we had deep feelings towards each other for a long time. We had no choice but to ignore them and keep on trying to leave each other. Things kept on getting worse and worse, we stayed apart, cried, came back together, fought, got away again and the cycle continued. Our separation periods got longer and longer, from a couple days to a week, 10 days, 14 days, a month and so on things were fucked up but we had no option since every aspect of our life gave us more and more reasons to get apart but there was something that always told us we had to stay together.
    Years passed, things were like this, lives totally fucked up and we had never met. Later in october 2018 I started having serious health issues and there was nothing that made it better. Feb 11, 2019 - We had a hell of a fight and considering it was just before my birthday (12 feb) I got so angry and depressed that all I thought was I should have died before this day. I was just suicidal. I didnít melt this time and kept myself away from her for 4 months and we fucking came back again. Same shitt again with a little twist.
    The last days of july 2019 (almost a year back so uwu), I was at my grandparentsí house and we both were in 1km radius and we had never met! Things started to take a turn and we decided we have to meet. On the night of 28th July 2019 at 1:18 AM, after more than 4 fucking years the two of us had the most miraculous moment of our lives! And when I say most miraculous I fucking mean it. We met each other for probably 30 seconds and had a partial handshake. There has never been something that felt better than this, it was just soulful. My hand was numb the whole night and I couldnít sleep, couldnít thank God enough for what he gave me and I never felt so lucky. I felt like my hand touched a whole beautiful universe and damn that smile! No words to explain that feel. Little did we know, this proved to be the turning point. I posted about this in Gallery and a few days later we again separated and I thought it was most probably the evil eye (islamic concept) so I had to delete the post.

    My health problems still persisted and got even worse, I missed one of my final exams which delayed my admission to university for a year. Got tangled up with typhoid and soon after that got on some serious depression meds as well. Both the meeting and this changed the things a lot.

    We got back together in september, more desperate than ever and started talking to each other like we always did. Little did we know, these little separations between us made us develop even stronger feelings with each other and this was the point where we accepted thereís no chance of living without each other. Against all odds, a million reasons to be apart, love won. We didnít give up and instead stood against all the compulsions, took our chance against everything and decided that we will not leave each other ever no matter what happens. After 4 years of perfect friendship and more than 2 years of idkwhatthefuckitwasbutisurelydontwantitagain we stopped frinedzoning each other and got into relation and ever since we have been perfectly happy with each other ALHAMDULILLAH. A year without any separations feels really amazing tbh, stay with me forever babe, itís gonna be even better. We have no privacy between us, nothing and no one means us more than one another and thereís no way weíll ever spend a day without each other. We have met quite a few times and it was lovely. Thereís just a lot more to it, I can spend days writing this but it wonít be enough to express what a fairytale it has been.
    By the wish of Almighty Allah we plan to marry someday and I really hope thereís nothing that comes between us. Things always made me think that there was a bigger reason for us to be together and probably thatís why we stayed with each other. By the grace and wish of Allah, the next thread that I make about us will most likely be our marriage or a 10 years anniversary InshaAllah.

    Hereís a pic of Elsa trying hard to not let me go when we met in February 2020 for my birthday uwu

    *sorry for 144p quality, will take a better one next time xD

    We both are doing really good with each other but itís a hard time for my baby girl. Sheís been having a hard life lately and her sister passed away due to cancer a couple months ago ( ‎إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ ) a little love and feedback from the ffs family will really really mean a lot to us and itís gonna make both of us feel great!

    You have a special place in our hearts if you read all of this.
    Thank you everyone who has intentionally or unintentionally been a part of our beautiful story, thank you to the members for keeping the community alive, thanks to Bauss and Reny for creating FFS in the first place and other staff members for keeping it going smoothly, thanks everyone, I fucking love you for you all have unknowingly played a role in giving me something that I probably never deserved or will never deserve but I will give it all to not lose it, THANKS EVERYONE <3
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    very emotional, wish u the best bro <3

    Hold it well, Keep it high


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    Damn, what a wonderful love story!
    Ehhh, finding your true love is a heavenly blessing. May you find health and happiness, and I wish you many years of unbreakable love and laughter. Congratulations!
    P.S. guys, call me on your wedding

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    Btw suhaibz, are you jealous if someone writes her a love message in-game xd ?

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    Damn Babe, when u said u will surprise me with a thread in ffs about us, I didn't know it will be this damn Uniquely Awesome becuz Well u have a problem of forgetting things alot so i didnt think u would write this good of a thread UwU.. And Well, There's nothing for me to say cuz u describe things muchh better than i do and u obviously showed that up right there ☺❤ and I Just Love You Alot and i have nothing more to say becuz u said it all urself plus u know what i feel about u and u also know how bad i am in describing emotions  So Yea Love you alot bae and yea Always Keep Loving me cuz thats just what i want from u my entire life. Thanks for this Thread Love ❤ ITS so beautiful ❤ Alhumdulillah💕
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    Originally Posted by qashqai
    btw suhaibz, are you jealous if someone writes her a love message in-game xd ?
    as fuck
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    Originally Posted by SuhaibZ!
    as fuck
    Bro just marry her and dont give a shit about others, she's fully yours!

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    Mashallah, proud of u g and I hope you'll find success in ur plans together.

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    i actually took my time to read it and it's really beautiful, wish you only good luck !

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    This shows that finding true love has no boundaries when you don't want them to be there. Beautiful story. Cherish your loved ones and keep the people that are close to you close.

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