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    This is something that this community has never seen and chances are that people probably do not want to see this now either but it's a day of happiness for the two of us and means us a lot and considering both of us have considered you guys our family at various points of our life, we decided to share this with you guys. If you have any kind of hate, feel free to fuck off because this one is all about love.

    Oh, not a hater? Sorry for the long post, it’s because it is based on 5 years, please read the whole story! <3

    ‘Ola amigos!
    My nickname is Darking, I’m 21 years old dude who happened to fall in love with another mta whom is called TONY(I call him matonio(short for my Antonio(love u pumkin))) We first met at TS clan( we were complete strangers who happened to be in the same clan, such a coincidence! UwU) we never talked but since we were meant for each other’s, it was about freaking time !!!!
    Okay so time goes by and it’s 2017, I left TC then this tony dude told me to join(omg guys the little did I know I made the best decision ever coincidence right?)

    PM from /TfF\TONY (###): hey, wanna join TFF?

    I joined TFF and I quickly built feelings for him, it was something that touched my heart about him, I love u matonio:3

    So.. the whole point of this thread is, he had a very bad hangover yesterday and I really want to make it up to him by making this thread and let you guys wish the best for him

    Dark x Matonio
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    are you seriously making fun of suha?

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    im sorry but i love @Swiftuska

    no hate @SuhaibZ! & @Elsa<3! , wish you guys all the best <3, darking abit high today

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    Im gay, but i hate gays!!!
    I hate the whole culture of it, i think its just sleaze, i mean they have no boundaries. (people may disagree but this it what i have encountered on my experimenting)

    Like gay men assume its ok to sleep around, some i met have even sold it, once i got advised it would be a good idea for money(but i am not that low). And like some think its ok to dress absolutely pathetic, and talk like 13 yr old girls. Theres just no need men like men, why do they think there special.

    Also there friends most only know each other through sleeping together, its like there just all inbreed!

    They bitch and back stab, and still try and be your friend. I have some good friends but still they want to sleep with you, and then theres the drag queens, I mean WTF scary mother fuckers.

    Well ive had my rant and rave, as you can see i hate it. I dont know what to do, any suggestions?

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    Where is the unlike option when you seriously need it, super cringe btw!!
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    I hope Noc and Joseph/Sarah/Catfisher will reveal their relationship soon *-*

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    Sorry but TONY is mine
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    Bruh xdd

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