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    For many this will be a good news and maybe for others not, nothing lasts forever and sometimes we are not aware when we were really happy until when it is over and start to miss it.

    Along of theses 4 years after facing betrayal, sadness, good moments, bad moments, joys and reconciliation. Today 28th July 2020 Iron Will will pass to history. I want to thank all members for being wanted to be part from this great family, i never expected can get my own clan with people so beautiful. The reason which Iron Will is closing is because no longer feel the motivation, the members is not feel happy and i am totally aware that is my fault. During theses last months i have not been active and compromised with the team i do not feel with the same energy that used to have in 2016 when i was 15 years old approximately when i had to take the control of a leader absolutely nothing of experience by disappearance old leader. Iron Will has been through several crisis which with my motivate and great effort i was able to pull it forward but this time i feel very exhausted, my strength is gone and i have been more of 1 month reflecting and meditating for can recover those energy but i could not achieve it, i can not continue acting like if thing all are right. I apologise with each member for everything, you deserve to be somewhere else where they can give you all the things that I never gave them.

    I want to thank to @xDaNieL and @SyleR , they have been since day 1 when Iron Will was created despite everything has happened they never gave up.

    Respect to MCL Tournament will not happen absolutely nothing. Iron Will will continue participating until his last match for the member who want continue playing for iW, congratulations and thank to @TRtam for creating all scripts for the tournament, also @Benjaz and @pawNY for his big effort and dedication to this tournament doing the possible so that all goes well

    Many thanks @Gercsz for making possible this great video that goes dedicated to all my Iron Will's, @Rheinmetall for helping him in the cinematics and @Benjaz with @TRtam help us in record clips from the Shooter Squad

    in the video resume all what i write (sorry for my bad english)

    Thanks you very much to all for read this i will never forget Iron Will has marked something big in my life and always be present in my heart. I hope that some day we can back and find us again. Sorry for everything
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    I dont have words to express the sadness i feel right now, my home in the game is gone, it is over for what we have struggled over the years. i joined iW in 2017, and i led for a couple of weeks with Tomas and without a doubt it was the best, it has been a great 3 years (almost 4), and i thank you, especially you Tomas, for having fought and led you the weight of this clan for so long, you are great my friend.

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    Might be the first clan I'm really sad about closing. wish you all nothing but the best on your further mta journeys, kiss mi hermanos
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    I was in iW for a short time, but even so i felt happy and comfortable with each of the members, thanks to everyone and especially to you Tomas for giving me the opportunity to belong to this family, we will meet again.

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    i will miss u clan this

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    This short time that I was in this family was one of the best moments that I have lived in my career and that I will never forget since with this family I was growing and trying to motivate myself to be useful, perhaps I have not succeeded but I try to give my best from me every second in my stay in the clan, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be part of this family that will continue in our hearts and I hope to meet again in the future! ^^

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    I'm here to thank every single member for their support and their patience with an amazing personality, that they bring over to me. I'm really sad to hear, that this clan is closing. This team has been a really successful one! I'm really thankful for this team for welcoming me here, and giving me opportunities. Even when things went wrong. Iron Will has been my favourite team since I started my MTA Carrier, I wanted to stay here for a really long time. Personally I didn't have any bad thoughts about this clan, perhaps I thought it gave a lot of impact to my performance in shooter, since I didn't want to let this clan fall down to it's knees. Only people left the clan who are traitors, and the real people with iW's heart would've stayed here for ever. So once again I'd like to thank everyone for their support and patience. I'm really sad that this happened, and I wish I could've spent more time with members.

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    nice map

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    iW was a clan that I had and still have many friendships, great and very nice people, it is a clan of great respect, an admirable clan by many of the MTA DM community, and it really is sad news. and I hope to keep our calls on the discord, always with jokes and etc.

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    I am proud to have been a part of this great clan, to have real friends, to have played Clan Wars with you, to have a good time through calls and playing other games, simply thank you.
    Thank you for letting me be iW, for having accomplished this great stage together, and going all the way, for showing that we are different from many, for always having the look forward, for fulfilling our goals in the clan (and other pending) for achieving everything we did. This is not your fault Tomas, and nobody, you should be proud and grateful for having 4 years of a great clan, with people who stayed from the beginning to the end, it was a nice stage that I liked to close with you, I hope that tomorrow we continue with our friendship and do not miss the conversation, I love all of you Iron Wills and I wish you all the best, thank you for being my friends and trusting me, as I did for you.

    Legends never die
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