1. 29-07-2020, 10:15 • #31
    I was in iW for almost a year, and while i was in the clan i got nothing but love from everyone and its really sad that the clan is closed now but i hope it will reopen someday in the future.
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    Why ;(

  3. 30-07-2020, 00:18 • #33
    I agree vinny > great and very nice people, it is a clan of great respect, an admirable clan by many of the MTA DM community, and it really is sad news.

    and dusky > Might be the first clan I'm really sad about closing

    It was nice to see iW in MTA history but sadly it's over, you guys will be missed <3

  4. 30-07-2020, 01:34 • #34
    i am bad at expressing what i feel, but i can tell you that Iron Will was and will be the best clan i was in, for the people, ability to achieve something and self-motivation that no other clan had. thank you very much for the good times, thanks to niko for invite me to Iron Will and Tomas for giving me the opportunity to join the staff to help a little more. this is not a good bye bros. if in the future you want to come back with Iron Will, i already told you privately that you have my loyalty Tomas. Thanks for everything Iron Will

  5. 30-07-2020, 07:53 • #35
    They don't know how sad it is to find out about this.
    First of all, thank you to Tomas and the entire iW family for giving me the opportunity to belong to this wonderful clan since its inception. They are the kind of friendship that one as a person never wants to lose. They know how fun it was to play together and they always supported me in everything, especially Tomas, Benja, Niko, Daniel, Syler, Bruce and in their MJT times who were the ones who generally always played.
    The truth is very sad if you want to think that all this is happening, but we all know that iW will always be part of our hearts.
    Thanks for everything. <3

  6. 31-07-2020, 12:10 • #36
    I was a short time in iW because of my inactivity, but the atmosphere was always nice with the latinos <3

    te amo conchetumares

    I'm high so often, I should be living at the airport..

  7. 31-07-2020, 22:01 • #37
    iron will in our hearts

  8. 01-08-2020, 22:06 • #38
    Very emotional video and moment, I'd like to say some words. I am really grateful to Tomas for accepting me before when everyone was provoking me and calling me clan jumper , I was performing really badly in all (mostly wff) cws but when I joined iW it was a game changer, suddenly I started playing better and better, I was doing or trying my best for iW, he even decided to put me as a temporary leader at some point, since he had been busy and someone had to keep clan in control. But at that time others weren't performing like they usually do and out of hopelessness and demotivation I quit soon enough. I am sorry for leaving, it wasn't your fault at all @Tomas1 , you were and are a great leader and person, that's why seeing this makes me sad. May you rest in peace iron Will

    With Love,

  9. 02-08-2020, 05:31 • #39
    It was a great pleasure for me to be in your family, the memories we shared will always be treasured!

    Much love Iron Will <3


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