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    In-game: Jacob
    Nickname(s) of the player(s): kemxolka (Poland), Dzony (Germany), (could be many diffrent nicknames too) (there was another one, but I didn't capture his logs in time, so I'll not report him here because I don't have enough evidence)

    Account(s) of the player(s) (With the link to the account.): kemx1k (ingame register) - on website I can't find neither of them, and I can't find Dzony login ingame also, because he left unfourtanetly.
    Infringement: Insulting, trashtalking, talking in the other language than in Polish
    Date and Time (optional): 2020-07-30, afternoon (around 14:30, 14:40 CEST Polish time) - additional: i've got reports from my friends that they're going on with it maybe like couple of weeks, and they also did insult ME with the diffrent nicknames. They had same stats on tab, so far I remember.
    Screenshots or/and Videos: https://i.imgur.com/WqO5R4q.png (SCREEN 1 - only got this one before they left)
    Translated Text (if applicable):
    SCREEN 1) kemxolka: shut your pussy up
    Logs: [because they left, when I came back, i have some logs of them insulting, trashtalking] translated text will be this colour
    |:-)|xDzoNy: damian is polish name
    |:-)|xDzoNy: kuirwo [fucker]
    kemxolka?: damian jebac cie |:-) Damian fuck you
    |xDzoNy: damian
    |:-)|xDzoNy: offnij szmato Off you fucking bitch (or whore) (they meant and accused him of cheating with insults, in reality he's a very good player - they also made fun of his country Turkey)
    |:-)|xDzoNy*: bo ci jebne kopa Or i will fucking kick you (he meant to kick him in the face, with the leg kind of, not like kick from the server, you know - threat to beat him up)

    Additional Comments:

    For additional comments I want to say, that racers that were today at the scene indeed can confirm, that this whole thing happened. He also was threatning Damian, to kill his family. That's absolutely shit and disgusting behaviour. I'm just reporting this - because i'm tired of seeing my friends / people that I know from racing scene getting insulted and bullied by these people. I don't know if they're some sort of haters, or whatever or they trolling - but people are really getting tired of it. You can check server logs, there are no lies.

    Thank you, and hope it's enough evidence. Hope you consider this and ban these people.

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    They insulted me yesterday too

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    despite questionable logs, they have been muted, closed.
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