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    In-game: xRzHero#
    Nickname: Hero#
    Serial: 304CDED573FB51ACD53B157DBFCE9FA1
    When were you banned/muted:
    352D ago
    What was the reason for your ban/mute:
    Insultin Mert and other admins from FX clan (mostly mert)
    For how long have you been banned/muted: Permanent
    Who banned/muted you:
    Additional text:
    It started with my silly comment on the forum I don't remember under what post. I was banned on the forum, after 1-2 weeks I got banned from the game, I couldn't see why and reacted impulsively and started insulting Mert and misuse my other forum accounts, I know that I did wrong and that my punishment is right, but I would also like to come back to the game after a year.
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