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    starting from me in my ptp arena my best friend always helps kill the president well and sometimes I also like to joke with him and he also sometimes likes to make me angry by firing rpg into my car sometimes at my plane but that is not made my friendship break up and he is my best friend he always plays with me he @aditkepu10 [Revo] for now he rarely plays ffs because he is busy I will miss him someday and @mantakepu [sTroM] he is also busy because of his work I will miss him and one again @ByaN [Rage] he was always active and played with me and he also always played pubg with me too
    and he is my real friend in the real world show your best friends in the game or in the real world

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    my best friend is stuntage

    p.s what is best friend
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    my best friend in DM @AnUs ,i insult him but he insult me back thats why we love eachother. he ignores me on whatsapp many times becus hes arrogant ffs member but its fine, we still friends

    my other best friend is @DUSK we are nice friends

    also not forgetting @ThoriN and @Punisher , we are good friends always greeting eachother, when joining, Punsiher sometimes arrogant when other turks are in arena becus he doesnt want them to know that he has contact to a german guy

    @KAZIKO good friend in DD arena because i always win 1v1 (22-3) he has no chance but we are good friends

    @Flame best friend in Shooter because i think hes top tier player
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    In-game: ExP~syn.eyecatcher
    Also @Adidas best friend in PTP arena. beast guy active talks much with me

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    @PREDATOR fellow arab

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    @Mert @Avi @Edepsiz @sedhardy @SupRime

    Because EndFinish the rest is history.
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    @Ronaldo no life

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    @zNexT @ZeRoXy! @vndtt (bcz I love them also they're my slave) /big love vndtt\

    @Eleven (because arap)
    @Natsu (second arap)
    @Noc^ (fuck latins)
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