1. 12-08-2020, 16:46

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    In-game: Patinho
    Nickname(s) of the Admin(s): -ffs-Punisher
    Infringement: Insulting Player
    Date and Time (optional):11-08-2020
    Screenshots or/and Videos:https://imgur.com/gallery/o7UymSv
    Additional Comments: The admin was insulting all players in global chat

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    No he was just informing you, that Fuck You All is a nice DM map.

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    Use the ignore command next time, if you take this so seriously. It was just a simple joke.

  4. 12-08-2020, 19:40 • #4
    i personally don't think punisher was saying this on purpose and seriously there, he has a joking and humoristic personality and as i see he didn't insult any player by saying their name and insult them or you directly, he even talked about the map after writing it, probably a map annoyed him and he said something like that in global I think you shouldn't take it seriously imo. just enjoy ur game if u ask me.

    PS. Its a map name already =D
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