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    No Mercy
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    In-game: .OpaciTy//

    1.What's your nickname(s), age and location?:

    Hey, my name is Abdelrahmen, I'm 16 years old and I live in Egypt, Cairo.

    2.Tell us a bit about your MTA journey:

    I started playing MTA since 2015 in CIT2.net it was Gangsta Criminal Jobs I knew it from my cousins,then I found out about FFS from 2 players and enjoyed it as soon as I tryed it out. I started playing FFS around 2017, and began with SH, OS, Stuntage and PTP.

    3.Previous clans and reasons for leaving:

    1.No limit (Member) - (Left)
    2.The Hype Crew (Leader) - (Left)
    3.zNation! (Member) - (Kicked)
    4.United Power (Leader) - (Left)
    5.United Friends (Leader) - (Closed)

    4.How would you rate your Shooter Skills:

    I’m not so pro and I’m not noob aswell, 8/10 I guess.

    5.Why do you want to be a part of our team?:

    I asked leaders a lot before to be part of Zero-Fear even while it was inactive, but now amazing members and great leadership.

    6.Contacts (Preferable Discord):

    Discord: Opacity#3261

    7.Additional information(optional):

    Thanks for reading!

    Best wishes.
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    osea nax

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    Good luck

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    I would like to announce that you have been Declined as we feel that you do not fit Zero-Fear! quality assets.

    ZF' Management.

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