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    Tuning Garage

    Over the years we have been incredibly busy improving the overall game experience for everyone, causing us to totally lose focus on in-game aesthetics such as tuning. With this update we are making up for the long wait and are bringing you the largest ever update to cosmetics: it will not only improve the already existing features, but also bring a vast amount of new ones!
    Let's get straight to the new features.


    Very intuitive option menu, you can find your balance on the left top corner (shown everywhere) to always have an idea if you can afford certain item. Each option apart from Premium-only has to be unlocked for in-game money.


    Colorize as much as you want! Basic vehicle, headlights & nitro colors are still present, fancy rocket colors were completely reworked and now color is being applied to any kind of projectile (be it a grenade or molotov, vehicle or player rocket). We have also added a new ability to color wheel disc.

    • Primary & Secondary Vehicle Colors for $15,000 each
    • Headlights Color for $25,000
    • Wheel Disc Color for $50,000 Premium
    • Rocket Color for $25,000 Premium
    • Nitro Color for $50,000 Premium


    We have updated our wheels pack with 14 new items, including exclusive FFS assets on most fancy of them! It's worth to mention that for the first time ever, we will refund for previously bought wheels.


    70 different lights to choose from, including most recent ones made by NitroN, that were not publicly released yet! This feature requires active Premium subscription.

    Infernus Parts

    Contains more than 50 items, including exclusive parts that nowhere else to be seen! It's also worth to mention the easiness of the process to choose the part and smooth camera movements.

    • Rear Bumper contains 4 items
    • Plate contains 2 items
    • Spoiler contains 20 items
    • Side Skirts contains 5 items
    • Roof Scoops contains 9 items
    • Hood contains 7 items
    • Front Bumper contains 8 items


    Stickers allow you to build up advanced paintjobs. By default, you are given 3 free slots, rest can be purchased (up to 32 slots).

    This feature requires active Premium subscription. Stickers can be added to the following vehicles:
    • Infernus
    • Cheetah
    • More yet to be added

    Stickers Shop


    Dynamic and quite colorful shaders applied to vehicles. Sound animation included. Most fancy and obviously, most expensive feature, also requires active Premium subscription.

    Premium 3.0

    On this occasion, we are introducing a completely revamped Premium system, with the goal to vastly improve user experience and flexibility. Where previously both Premium and in-game money had to be purchased together, we are now introducing a new virtual currency named Krowns, which can be exclusively purchased through our Premium page. Krowns can be used to purchase Premium subscription, in-game money and Garage items - whatever YOU prefer the most.

    new virtual currency


    100 for every 1

    20% Bonus
    for payments above 5 €
    30% Bonus
    for payments above 25 €
    40% Bonus
    for payments above 50 €

    Spend Krowns on

    6 days for every 100
    In-Game Money
    $50,000 for every 100
    Tuning Garage
    100+ items to choose from

    & more in future!

    Username Changes

    It has taken a while, but now it is finally here - automated username changes! Waiting for an admin to take care of your request is no more. You can now simply change your username completely by yourself using our Premium page!

    iwi Payments

    In addition, we are replacing paysafecard payments with Qiwi wallet payments to improve the accessibility for users from Russia & CIS region. Pricing is identical to PayPal & Bitcoin, leaving you without any disadvantages.

    Server Updates

    • Premium CWs are now accepted automatically
    • added required playtime of 12 hours to deposit money
    • lowered minimum deposit limit to $50K
    • lowered CW Request fee to $30K

    Clan Wars

    Introducing a new Start Now Request feature, to allow both clans to skip training time and start the match whenever they agree to.
    How does that work? Execute /startnow command to initiate start now request process. Opponent clan has 10 seconds to either accept the request using /startnow command or decline with /keep command. Initiators can cancel the process by /keep command as well. The state will be set to Starts next round after request acceptance.
    Restrictions? The commands can be executed only by Leaders & CW Managers.
    Where does that work? Across all CW rooms.

    • List of Object IDs to be hidden
    • toggle with J key
    • works in DM Modern, DM Oldschool & Training arenas

    Maximum Ping per Country

    The prevalence of the system is on the rise to forbid players having excess ping above their country’s average. It detects a noticeable delay between the action of players and the reaction of the server based on your location. Values were set manually to fit both competitive and casual gameplays.
    • applied to DD, Shooter & their CW rooms
    • values restricted to average ping per country in CW rooms
    • additional +30ms to average ping per country in regular arenas

    • FFS: fixed player badges are not being delivered when player is online at the time of Royal League thread being posted
    • Carfade: fixed nearby vehicles are not being faded during spectating in certain cases
    • Shooter CTF: fixed flags & radar blips are being duplicated in certain cases
    • Run: fixed spamming sprint on countdown bug
    • Scriptloader: fixed 3D Sounds are not being played
    • Other fixes

    • Admin: disabled /report command
    • PTP > Bunker maps: lowered round duration to 10 minutes & disabled voteredo
    • DD Fun: lowered round duration to 5 minutes, set time to 1 minute & disable repairs when 2 players left
    • Scoreboard: added DJ icon
    • Mapmanager: vastly improved encryption
    • Arenas: capped Streak rewards to 10 everywhere to prevent abusing
    • UI: adjusted live radio position for Shooter bars
    • Shooter: added new abilites and improved old ones
    • Lobby: disabled arena click when scoreboard is open
    • Training: separated DD category to DD & DD Cross
    • DD: added kill player delay of 3 seconds
    • DM: disabled hurry time in WFF mode
    • Detectors > AFK: increased countdown to 5 seconds in Hunter Alpha
    • Hunter: disabled Anti-spray
    • UI: removed gradients & improved icons quality (especially for lower resolutions)
    • PTP: added Anti-team explosions
    • Podium: completely reworked & added icons
    • PTP: added default vehicles back & prevent spawning of map vehicles at the same range
    • Other improvements

    Staff Addition

    Last but definitely not least, we are welcoming NitroN to our team once again! He played a big role in helping us finish the update as soon as possible and we hope he continues doing so in the future!


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    Amazing.. also big congratz to @NitroN , welcome back again bro! <3
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    My face will be overrated.

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    Nah, this is fucked up.

    Congrats @NitroN bud, you deserved it.
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    proud of you dimitry
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    all its needed it to bring the stuntage prices back and we good as shooter players

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    Finally, that's the result of all the hard work and efforts, Thanks for everything! also a warm welcome to @NitroN truly deserved after what you've done for this community.

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