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    In-game: Ramsis
    Your currently and former nickname(s), age and location:
    Name is Seif aka Ramsis, Mowafy in-game. Born & living in Cairo, Egypt.

    Share with us your story, tell us a resume of your career in MTA:
    My history began in early 2009, stomped on freeroam servers as my first servers I have played in MTA. I didn't know anything about this game or how to type in chat and so on. After like 5 months without learning anything about this game or the game-mode. Someone in the server I was playing learned me how to type and deal with the server and play freely via Facebook. Despite he was new in MTA too but he was very old in SA:MP and experienced. After being a well-known person in this community, I could be an official administrator there to punish people and those stuff. After spending in this server like three years continuously, someone told me about SMT, about like shooter server and other game-modes. I found there alot of Arabs. I take the chance to be known there and how to play shooter. 3 years passed, knew a server called TG. I had played shooter for years, knew some friends like Zmany. I knew alot of Arabs and cool friends there. Until I realized that there is a big community called ffs, played there and it's my current activity there. Played like three years until I knew 3R and I joined itself.

    We are pretty sure you've been in other clans, please list the clans(s) you've been in:
    IE - Infernal Edge (Closed)
    rP// - Red Project (Left because all members were inactive & left)
    qR' - Quarantine Regen (Left due to activity of James and the other members)
    uK' - Unknown Killers (Closed)
    iW// - Iron Will (Left, lack of inactivity in shooter squad)
    #AE - Aevum (Left due to some problems in the team)
    3R - 3lite Racers (Kicked for no reason)
    pX - Paradiox (Left)
    iW// - Iron Will (Left since none is active and the leader left it)
    3R - 3lite Racers (Left, squad dead)

    Tell us the real reasons why do you want to join [LnS]?:
    As my real friends here. We made several success each other so, I am applying for continuing the success here. Helping in CWs.

    What can you do for our team?:
    Helping in CWs, moreable suggestions.

    Where do you see yourself in our clan (try to think what position would fit you the most)?:
    I see in the future a good place in shooter squad with Hedi.

    If you would have to rate your game skills from 1 to 10, which number would you choose and why?:
    I can rate myself as 7/10 or 8/10. I was inactive for more than 2 years lately so I lost my overall skills.

    Tell us a strong point and a weak point of your personality:
    I am respectful, friendly and creative person. Nothing weak.

    Your Skype or Discord?: Ramsis#7734
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    Good luck ya 5wl
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    In-game: mDawsm
    good luck ramsiiii

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    Originally Posted by AhmedTN
    Good luck ya 5wl
    3mo m3za qqqqqqq
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    In-game: [FYC]Ninja
    Good luck yasta xD
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    We are looking for loyal members. Of course playing skills are significant for us but personality is more important than skills. Our team decided to give you an opportunity. Therefore we decided to ACCEPT you as a Trial Member. Welcome in the clan!

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