1. 24-11-2020, 00:14 • #21
    • Added ghostmode between teammate vehicles, even rockets will not collide with teammate vehicles.
    • Increased auto-repair timer to 10 sec for high level presidents.
    • President: Added a bar that shows how much time left for auto-repair.
    • Medics can now drive infernus and shoot rockets like everyone else and repair vehicles by rockets.
    • Medic helicopters can repair vehicles. Click!
    • Medics are no longer being forced to enter vehicles on spawn, but they can not leave the base without a vehicle.
    • Added information texts for provided/received medical support. (Healed by Nickname / You healed Nickname)
    • Improved the killer-camera. After you die, you will spectate your killer until you respawn.
    • Disabled vehicle enter animation, you will be warped into vehicles automatically after you spawn.
    • UI color now represents the color of your PTP team. Click!
    • Exploded vehicles will now disappear instantly.
    • Attached objects will not collide with the camera.
    • Other improvements.

  2. 29-11-2020, 02:18 • #22
    UPDATE | Random Boxes (rmb or capslock to use ability)
    Every ability has its own effect duration, usage limit and cooldown timer. Random Boxes contain the following abilities;
    _-~---(usage limit) ability name: description | cooldown timer
    • (200) Boost: Increases vehicle speed slowly, hold the button to use | no cooldown
    • (3) Extra Shot: Creates an extra rocket, no matter if normal rocket is on cooldown | cooldown: 3 sec
    • (3) Full Brake: Stops your vehicle instantly | cooldown: 3 sec
    • (3) Invisibility: Slowly makes your vehicle completely invisible for 5 sec | cooldown: 3 sec
    • (3) Jump: Makes your vehicle jump | cooldown: 3 sec
    • (3) Spin: Rotates your vehicle 180 degrees | cooldown: 3 sec
    • (3) Reverse: Spins your vehicle and pushes back | cooldown: 3 sec
    • (2) Armor: Makes your vehicle damage-proof for 5 sec, attackers get "Target vehicle is damage-proof" warning | cooldown: 5 sec
    • (1) Repair: Repairs your vehicle instantly, will work even if your vehicle is on fire
    • Rare (1) High Gamespeed: Increases game speed for everyone for 15 sec
    • Rare (1) Low Gamespeed: Reduces game speed for everyone for 15 sec
    • Rare (1) Low Gravity: Reduces gravity for everyone for 15 sec
    • Box view

    Ekran Alıntısı.PNG UI Improvements
    • Ability Bar: Displays which ability you have and how many times you can use it. If the ability has an effect duration, this bar decreases first, then recharges with cooldown timer.
    • Rocket Bar: Shows when you can shoot again, recharges with rocket cooldown timer.
    • President Health Bar: Displays President's vehicle health and whether jumping is enabled or not, for President, it will display auto-repair timer so President will know when his vehicle will get repaired.
    • UI view
    • Added information texts for rare ability activations | f.e. (Low Gravity activated by Nickname)
    • Adjusted text positions and sizes.

    Ekran Alıntısı.PNG Bug Fixes
    • Fixed players getting stuck in bases.
    • Fixed Medics being able to continue using Helicopters with their new team after changing team.

    I also want to inform you that the map has been marked as Bunker so it can not be voted to be replayed and it will last only 10 mins.

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