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    Hey guys.

    For some of you it may come aa surprise but it's my time to retire and leave from FFS. I've been thinking about leaving for more than a year but few members inside of FFS kept motivating me to stay but it worked for a while. Lately I've became even less active than before and it's not that easy to find time to take care of events (it requires atleast 1-2 hours per day). I even had not time to turn on my laptop since couple of months. I'm not that type of a person who will stay in a clan and just watch how things go. So the best decision is to leave and let others to bring a fresh blood to events. I know that you guys will even raise the bar and make even more enjoyable players for MTA players.

    I would like to say a huge Thank you to the players who helped me during my time as Head of Events and OS team. Everything started when Tails gave me a chance to prove that I can help Tails as Head of Events, without her you wouldn't see me years ago. I can't forget about Karim and SmoK who were always there to help me in any case when I asked. You guys are awesome and I know that you will handle events even better than I did. I also cant forget about participaints of our events who made some epic battles and made our events even more famous. I know that sometimes we had up and downs but overall I am happy with what I did for FFS. I only regret one thing that I've never made a single map, thats the only one thing which I didnt make since I started to play in MTA.

    3 years passed so fast and I dont regret any moment as FFS member. You guys are awesome even tho I wasnt that talkative during these years and didnt have a chance to speak to some of you. I am glad that I chose FFS as my clan. Good luck with future plans and I know that you guys can achieve even more. I will check discord/skype and forum from time to time and see how you guys are doing with events and FFS as clan. Thats all from my side, once again I would like to say Thank you to each of you who made these 3 years enjoyable for me.

    PS. WFF OS 11 will be my last tournament as player so let me pass atleast to 1/2 finals so I won't feel bad haha.
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    Didnt read a single word tho wish u all the best in the future. Bye mate.

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    You were exactly what this community desperately needed. I'm sad to see you go but wish you well for your health and happiness. Take care.

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    I wish you all the best, take care of yourself!!
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    dam gl in ur future man u deserve it
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    Sad to see you leaving,though i don’t know you much you have done a super job as a events manager.Wish you a wonderful future ahead.

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    As i remember 'ur an old guy in ffs, you were always honest and doing your job right. Take care yourself man!

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    You were one of the amazing people in clan , you contributed a lot to this server , you and all who helped you, opened up new heights for the MTA community in general. Thanks for your efforts, for your valuable time spent with us, you were one of those from whom it would be worth taking an example, your kind heart (although we did not communicate much). It's sad to see that you leave now, but everything is always comes to an end. Please take care of yourself, we love you. Best of luck in future!
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    for real man, thanks for everything you've done for shooter this whole time. your events clearly helped keeping shooter active for more time than it was supposed to be. the shooter community as a whole is grateful for everything you've done for us. we wish you all the best in your life robert, you're amazing man!

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    Originally Posted by ZeldaK
    Didnt read a single word tho
    + so relatable
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