1. 24-11-2020, 16:39

    Junior of PTP
    260 • 1,911 • 19
    In-game: Victory
    What's your name, nickname(s) and location?: My name is Onur, nickname is Victory , I live in Turkey

    What's your date of birth & age?: 21.12.1998 / 21

    Which game modes do you play?: Besides PTP I play shooter and DM OS

    How long have you played MTA: SA?: I have been playing MTA: SA for seven years

    Have you been in any other official clans (if yes, name them)?: No I havent been in any official clan

    Have you been in any other teams in this community (if yes, name them)?:
    Night of Champions - Member (Closed)
    DarkAgesS - Founder (Closed)
    zNation - Member (Closed - Reopened)
    Over Powered - Member (Left)
    Come to Besiktas - CW Manager (Left)

    Why do you want to join our team?: I find this clan suitable for me to have a good time. Also some of my friends are in this team so this made me make an application.

    What are your plans once you join our team?: To be honest , I dont have any plan , being with you in same team and having good time will be enough in my opinion.

    What can we learn from you and what can you learn from us?: You can learn from me everything about PTP also I can give you informations about ptp player applicants. I dont know what I can learn from you for now maybe I can learn something after joining your team.

    What are your skills in-game?: I am good at PTP and a bit Shooter

    Describe what kind of person you are in Real Life: I am mature and respectful person I like helping people and I am interested in football.

    How can we contact you ? : Discord - Victory#9648
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    gl anik ptp
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    Junior of Race
    171 • 1,046 • 9
    In-game: [TR](C)onfused
    If you guys don't accept him, he will come back to Come to Besiktas. So don't accept him pls, thx.

  4. 24-11-2020, 16:44 • #4

    Junior of Minigames
    942 • 4,568 • 42
    In-game: Nebla~
    A Junior? Yesss!

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    Junior of Hunter
    540 • 2,947 • 11
    In-game: xN#Essovius
    gl 1907
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  6. 24-11-2020, 17:08 • #6
    Tbh, onur is one of the good people i ever met in the game. He's so mature and friendly person.
    Good luck my dear friend. @Physion accept him imposter

  7. 24-11-2020, 17:11 • #7
    gl baby<3
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  8. 24-11-2020, 17:18 • #8
    not this guy , decline imo

  9. 24-11-2020, 17:19 • #9
    Good lucky!
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  10. 24-11-2020, 17:33 • #10
    PRC already has so much juniors, players started ranting about us ruling over some arenas.
    That being said, thats a yesn't from my side since I think there are enough juniors in here.
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