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    In-game: -DE-Lanolin
    Nickname: Lanolin @xlastx
    Serial: B454815C582446CE9C552A266E01EF42
    When were you banned/muted: 15 days ago
    What was the reason for your ban/mute:: Talking through another account even though I have been silenced
    For how long have you been banned/muted:: For 15 days
    Who banned/muted you:: @TKN
    Additional text: It has now been 15 days since I was silenced for 30 days and I was told I could send this request.
    Let's go back to the beginning. take a look at this The reason I was silent for 3 days


    I entered with a side account because I was provoked and muted.I understand my mistake, can you please turn up my voice
    I'm really sorry, I promise to solve my problems from now on without insulting and I will solve it by reporting, not on the wrong way.
    give it one more chance please sorry
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