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    In-game: -UNI-MO7A
    Nickname(s) of the Admin(s): -ffs-N3zAX
    Infringement: i kicked for no reason
    Date and Time (optional): now
    Screenshots or/and Videos: mta-screen_2021-01-02_18-34-22.png
    Additional Comments:
    i was the president and someone blocked me by plane,its pushed me into the water
    ,i was waiting for them to get a limousine but they didnt for that i was waiting in the water, i didnt do anything worng,then you kicked me N3zAX and you told me thats my job , i want to know who was wrong.

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    I wasn't there when all this happened but a player sent me these screenshots showing that you were stuck in the air and everyone tried to kill you but failed, even in the screenshot you've provided I see BeTa telling you that you are undamageable and frozen in the air.
    So, basically, you were frozen in the air on everyone's monitor except yours. That was a weird sync issue, N3zAX did nothing wrong, he just wanted to help after probably receiving a lot of complaints from players.

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    Can't add more.
    Megatron wrote to me in a private message that the ptp president is bugged, I entered the arena and noticed that you were stuck in the air, the players tried to kill you, but failed,thats why I decided to kick you from the arena, I think there is no abuse on my side and actions are justified , I will provide some proofs ( here you go ) almost the same screenshots that were provided above. Thanks @TKN for explaining whole case.
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    As it was explained by TKN and N3zAX, there is a misunderstanding because of sync. N3zAX tried to do his job, so, there is no reason to keep this report alive.

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