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    Hi there, since I talk too much about DD and map-making, I thought I should make a tutorial for people to get help from. I'd like to get straight to the guide.

    Map editor settings
    First, let's configure our settings. Press F in the editor and go to options,

    I recommend these settings that I've been using for years. Make it exactly the same for best optimization.

    Objects are what makes a map. Here are some recommendations on which objects you can use,

    Main objects I use are,

    8838 - Small road
    3458 - Long road
    3080 - Ramp

    You can make a map with just these 3 objects. Here are some other object IDs that you can experience with,

    3095, 1482, 13649, 2898, 3374, 1649, 2945, 9131, 2960, 983, 3406

    I'm not much into decoration, I mostly use; 981 and 3877 to lighten up the map. I'll leave the decoration to your liking.

    All of the objects I've listed can be found in this image,

    Actual mapping
    This is where your skills shine. I can't guide you through mapping a whole map, but I can help you with basic object movements, where and where to not place them.

    How to place roads
    Our first rule is to not make bumpy roads.

    There's two ways to fix this problem, you either move the object down/up using the Page Up/Down keys, or press F3 while the object is selected, and change the X,Y,Z

    You can also easily fix the flickering of the objects by; selecting one of the objects, pressing ALT + Page Up/Down keys at the same time. Tip: Just a single Page Up/Down will be enough.

    The best way to rotate objects for me is to use the coordinates on the F3 GUI. If you do not want your map to look like a lego house, use mathematical degrees, such as 45, 90, 180 and 360.

    How not to place roads
    This is most important, you should not;
    • Block the vision of the driver
    • Block the road with another object
    • Add objects onto a road that'll keep a player from falling off

    These are just examples, I'd like to add an image for this. As you see, everything is wrong with the placement of the objects here.

    Perhaps the last thing you should look into, is the Meta of the map. I'd personally advice you to keep the map name simple.

    Now, we have three types of DD maps.

    1. Ordinary
    2. FUN
    3. Cross

    Ordinary maps
    Ordinary DD maps may have any spawn-car with one condition: All must have the same vehicle. Repairs are a must. No scripts that changes the gameplay for the player.

    FUN maps
    FUN maps may have different vehicles for each player. May include vehicle-change. Repairs are not a must. Scripts are allowed. RC vehicles allowed.

    Cross maps
    Cross maps must have either Cheetah or Tampa as spawning vehicles. No vehicle-change. Repairs are an absolute must (may be timed). No Scripts that changes the gameplay for the player. Needs better mapping. Even the smallest fault with the objects are not allowed. Not too small, not too big.

    Please read these and make a decision which one of the categories your map falls into. And enter the map description as,

    • #cross for Cross maps
    • #notcross for others


    Thank you for reading, hope it's going to be helpful for some. Will keep updating in time.
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    I thought you were joking about making such kind of thread. But it's good, nice to see the object IDs and all.
    More DD maps with less bumby/flickering roads.

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    Originally Posted by The_jetfire
    I thought you were joking about making such kind of thread.
    I had the time.
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    wow, thanks

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    Good one Randy Nice job!

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    Is this sticky-worthy or would I need to add a detailed guide?

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    Sticky worthy.

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    Thx, for That ID's, some of them I might gonna use

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    Thank you , its very useful

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    Oo thanks, i needed these 'deco' and objects ID. Nice tutorial

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