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    This is the moment we have all been waiting for. This day is result of more than a month of creative work. We re-thought everything that makes our server. You can't create something really new unless you are willing to throw the past away. We literally started with a blank server. Everything you will see today was created from the ground up.

    There have been countless rumors about what today is about, but none of them was actually right. This update is going to be wilder than any speculation. When we started, we were warned by MTA developers that what we want to achieve is impossible, just to give you an idea how profound this update is. The truth is, we are not announcing a new server today. We are announcing 5 brand new servers:


    It all starts with DeathMatch, the most popular gamemode ever played on our server, but we want to push it even further. Performance is the most fundamental part of race. We managed to speed up map changes, improve framerates and get rid of long music downloads. All music is now streamed from our server, there is no need to wait. We redesigned all key elements and they just look stunning.


    Race is the oldest gamemode in MTA and there are many amazing maps built for race, it is a shame not to play them. We are now bringing Race to FFS, together with hundreds of stunning maps. Race and DeathMatch are quite similar, we are pretty sure you will like it. We are excited to see new-school Race maps made by current mappers.

    Destruction Derby

    We have seen increased interest in Derby with the release of Random Luck. We are aware of the fact that there are some DD fans in our community and we want to create a place for them. And this is most likely the best place to play DD with all our great features from DeathMatch.


    First time brought as a secondary gamemode, now a full one. We included detection of rocket kills, so that you can see who killed you and who was killed by you.


    We implemented the same rocket kill detection to this arena, but we didn't stop there. We built unique level system. When you kill someone, your level goes up. When you are killed, your level goes down. Every level comes with a different vehicle and different weapons. There is a lot to explore!

    The lie

    As you can see, there is a lot of awesome things that we have done. But there is a hook. These are not 5 separate servers, this is just one server! Each gamemode is what we call an arena. We prepared a video:

    I want to thank everyone who contributed to make today happen, namely Bauss, Sniper and all our testers. We have many spare ideas left, there is still a lot to look forward to. There is still one idea to be realeased, so stay tuned.


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    RE: 30.6.2012 - |FFS|Gaming goes 2.0 30-06-2012, 18:34 • #2
    Great news !

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    RE: 30.6.2012 - |FFS|Gaming goes 2.0 30-06-2012, 18:34 • #3
    This is just amazingG!!!

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    RE: 30.6.2012 - |FFS|Gaming goes 2.0 30-06-2012, 18:34 • #4
    Awesome!! Thanks ffs !
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    RE: 30.6.2012 - |FFS|Gaming goes 2.0 30-06-2012, 18:34 • #5
    Epic, just epic.

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    RE: 30.6.2012 - |FFS|Gaming goes 2.0 30-06-2012, 18:34 • #6

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    RE: 30.6.2012 - |FFS|Gaming goes 2.0 30-06-2012, 18:35 • #7
    Fucking awesome <,33333333333

  8. RE: 30.6.2012 - |FFS|Gaming goes 2.0 30-06-2012, 18:35 • #8
    This is what I call "masterpiece".

    I would like to thank who has participated in making this,well done!
    I'm not insulting you, I'm describing you.

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    RE: 30.6.2012 - |FFS|Gaming goes 2.0 30-06-2012, 18:35 • #9
    Amazing.!! well done

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    WTF , its really Great , GJ vEnom
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