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    This tutorial will be usefull who first time wants to create race map.

    Basic steps:

    First,add race gamemode: map settings ->gamemode
    Do the same in definitions.

    Now add to your map a name:map settings ->meta

    -Version and description is not neccessary.
    -DO NOT use special characters like: >'~ etc...

    Feel free to change the weather and time:map settings ->environment

    Adding checkpoints,pickups and spawnpoints

    -Take your mouse at the bottem left corner,then scroll.

    Vehicle change with checkpoint:

    Mark the checkpoint where you want the vehicle change,press F3->(vehicle) browse

    Some tips to prove the map quality.

    1. Place the spawn exactly to the ground,not higher not lower.
    2. Try to place the checkpoints at the racing line in the corners or set the size of the checkpoint to cover the whole road.
    3. Use the vehicle change with checkpoint instead of "pickups".-the car won't jump when it change.
    4. Avoid long straigh roads!
    5. Do not make your map longer than 5mins.(1-3 minutes is perfect)
    6. Avoid overdecorating!(It may couse some FPS drops for some players!)
    7. Do not add hidden vehicles/planes which are faster then the originally spawned vehicle/plane!
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    Very useful, thanks for this tutorial!
    Gonna make race map huh

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    Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate and ask them!

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    Thanks .

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    Yes, done! Thanks, Fixi'

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    Well good job mate, looks like you've put a good effort into making this. Well given!
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