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    This thread consists of multiple threads that have been posted in the past. We decided to sum all the threads up in one thread to make it easier to find all the things you need. The original posters are going to be mentioned underneath the headlines.

    Arena Rules:
    by Solly

    • No teaming with other classes. [Only Civilians are allowed to help either President (Secret Service/Police) or Terrorist] (You're not allowed to team with a certain class to kill his class team mates, Example: Civilian team up with Secret Service to kill Secret Service).
    • No blocking the President if you are secret service/police/medic.
    • No stealing the President's limousine if you are secret service/police/medic.
    • No killing/interferring as medic, your job is to heal players only.
    • No trolling your team mates (f.e. Shooting at their vehicle/air craft, no jumping on top of a team mates heli so the rotor blades kill you and he loses points or gets automatically killed for team killing.)
    • VPN is NOT allowed in this arena.
    • Camping is allowed on this arena.
    • Leaving and re-joining the arena when being the president is forbidden and it can lead to a 7 days ban, so please think twice about evading kills.

    ap Guidelines
    by Fonera and Solly

    Player Spawns:

    • You must use cylinder makers


    • You can add multiple spawns for a single class if you'd like (except for President)


    • The size of your cylinder will determine the amount of players that will spawn there


    • There are 6 classes in total that come with requirements:

    - President (has only 1 spawn with size 1),
    color = {255,255,0}
    - Secret Service (can have multiple spawns & any size),
    color = {0,30,200}
    - Police (can have multiple spawns & any size),
    color = {0,170,255}
    - Medics (can have multiple spawns & any size),
    color = {0,255,0}
    - Civilians (can have multiple spawns & any size),
    = {255,255,255}
    - Terrorists (can have multiple spawns any size),
    color = {200,0,0}

    • When placing spawns, position the markers only with your mouse. That way, map editor automatically figures out the correct height above ground. If you make adjustments with keys, players could be spawned too high or too low and your map will be rejected.

    Class Spawns:

    • There MUST be a spawn point for all 6 classes.
    • Make sure class spawns aren't in different cities! We don't want the President to be in San Fierro and then the rest of the classes spawning in Los Santos or Las Venturas. This will only make it easier for the president and harder for other players. Try to make all classes spawn in one city.
    • Don't have different classes spawning near each other. The only classes that should be in the same spawning area should be the President and Secret Service.

    The decoration part is the MOST important, this will determine if your map is creative/unique enough to be accepted and in our server. Be original. We get many PTP maps uploaded daily and what we look for is something creative and unique.

    • You must decorate each class spawn (adding or removing objects)

    • PTP supports the usual client sided scripts/mods such as moving objects and vehicle/skin mods. (No innapporopiate skin mods)
    • Feel free to create arenas/cities and other environments of your own!
    • Make sure there isn't any flickering/bad object placing before uploading your map

    Pick Ups:

    • Health/armor/weapon picks are allowed.
    • Heavy weapons such as Mini guns, Rocket Launchers, etc should NOT be placed anywhere near spawning areas, this is to avoid spawn killing.

    • Make sure the Limousine is placed where the President will be spawning (max 3 limousines), Police vehicles are placed at Police spawn and so on.
    • MAKE SURE YOU POPULATE THE MAP WITH VEHICLES. Nobody wants to go all the way back to spawn after they've gotten their car blown up. More info here...
    • Hunter and Hydra must not be placed no where near spawning areas. This is to avoid spawn killing and to avoid the president getting killed right at the beginning (where's the fun in that?).

    My map was declined/couldn't be loaded, what should I do?
    by TruStory

    First of all you must make sure you followed the guidelines listed above.

    Are there any spelling mistakes in your meta.xml-file?

    The meta.xml is the core of your map. If there's even just a tiny error in it, the whole ressource won't be loaded correctly.

    Here is an example of how a very simple meta.xml-file without any mods should look like.

    clean meta.xml

    Did you add the mods correctly?

    (If you are trying to use vehicle-/object-/weapon-/player skin mods in your map)

    If you are adding a simple mod consisting of a .txd and a .dff-file, you will need an extra .lua-Script telling the Server what to do with the files.

    a .lua-script

    Then you will have to add the .txd , .dff and .lua to your map's meta.xml, which should then look like this:

    A meta.xml with a skin replacing the Kart

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    Good Job
    Tutorial add mods in PTP Click
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    Very GJ.

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    This is so decent!
    Good job @Tru-SK

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    Good job buddy, looks good!

    Check out this thread

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    Nice dude.

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    Good Job bro

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    Nice explanation of PTP's features/rules, love it You made me inspired to play ptp more often

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    It's actually a goos idea to merge the threads.
    Thanks Trusk a.k.a betterthansonix70
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    Pretty nice explanation man, will help a lot of people to make better PTP maps

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