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    Re: Juniors of Languages 23-09-2018, 14:30 • #91
    Plus 1

  2. Re: Juniors of Languages 01-10-2018, 19:11 • #92
    It would be fair enough for arabic chat xd

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    Re: Juniors of Languages 09-01-2019, 09:49 • #93
    I'm against this Idea! Firstly, giving these powers for those juniors would mean they will have same powers as those Juniors which are taken for certain room. (Like SH Juniour, DM Junior...) In my opinion, if there is such a Language Junior he Should have only Mute ability!

    Secoundly, as this is international server and admins, juniors comes from diffrent countrys, I am sure there is only few language chats which admins, juniors miss (as example u mentioned Arab chat).

    Thirdly, if u have this kind of problem, u can always take a screenshots - post a report with english translate. Admins can ask other Arabs to check if its right translate or check himself and if its correct, he will be punished.

    Even dou it would take a time doing these things, it's better then make more and more players with powers. There are already huge FFS staff and a lot of Juniors already and I think these numbers will even grow, so in my opinion this is unnecessarily!
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    Re: Juniors of Languages 10-01-2019, 23:53 • #94
    @Swidrox X I X X

  5. Re: Juniors of Languages 11-01-2019, 23:15 • #95
    good idea

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