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    Hi peeps, i came back to our community just for help, i know this may sound selfish, but i really need your help in this issue.
    Today i've installed Microsoft Office, because i need it for some shits i wouldn't tell you what is the purpose of the use, but when i try to open Word - Excel - PowerPoint etc etc.
    it show's me this error, and i can not fix that shit, so i thought you can help me this time.
    (as you may know, sorry for my bad english, Dx)


    PS. I have Windows 8.1 (64 Bits)
    PSS. I Really don't know if this is the best place to post this
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  2. 09-03-2018, 16:37 • #2
    I have a solution:
    Download DLL-files.com Fixer (Application) From this Link:

    1.Extract all files
    2.Turn off internet
    3.open dffsetup.exe and install
    4.stop scan and close application
    5.copy file(s) from crack folder and paste in installation directory.
    6.Launch DLL-files.com Fixer start scan and fix your problem.

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  3. 09-03-2018, 16:49 • #3
    Is problem solved?
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