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    Hey FFS,

    As the title already said, this thread is about a new Ďíruleíí for Shooter, in particular Shooter clanwars.
    Honestly I have no idea where to put this so Iíll just drop it here so everyone is able to share their own opinion what they think about it. Iíll just try to briefly explain my opinion, please feel free to also suggest options or your own thoughts about this.

    So, lately it has become a big problem that people are abusing their ping to have an advantage over others in the Shooter clanwars. This is something that really has to stop because itís getting way out of hand now. Thatís also the reason of this thread. There are tons of useless reports nowadays about high pings, especially in clanwars. Most of them could be easily prevented.

    There should be a main rule that players who donít have a stable ping are NOT allowed to play in clanwars anymore. Whether players are using a program to get an advantage over others or people are aware of having a bad internet connection and use that to get an advantage. Both of them should be punished (hard). This does affect a lot of clanwars in Shooter. Ofcourse there is a system that gives you 3 warnings whenever your ping goes up to 350 or higher due to some kind of lagspikes. This isnít really working because itís still very easy to play a few rounds without receiving that kick. And then again, you can easily rejoin the arena and play further.

    The whole purpose of this thread is to make up a new rule that makes it easier to solve all these reports for once and for all. And Iím doing it in this way so everyone is aware of it whether itís being implemented in the future or not. Because now, there isnít really a straight rule that gets rid of these kind of abusers.

    Exceptions for this are ofcourse people from E.g. South-America and Asia. They might have a standard high ping but as long as itís stable thereís nothing wrong with it and they donít really have an advantage over others.

    So, long story short: From now on people that are aware of having a high ping in a clanwar should be punished hard for it since itís just some kind of abusing. Excuses like, Ďíbut my internet connection was badíí arenít working anymore.

    Also Iíd like to give this thread from @PREDATOR a bump because it has some really good ideas that could improve the Shooter gameplay or make it more enjoyable.

    Let me know what you guys think about it, feel free to give me your opinion!



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    Great Idea @#Legend* !

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    About time for people to realize that it's not allowed to play with such ping. Hopefully it will be added.

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    Really great Idea appreciate it @#Legend* #nomorelagincws
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    Great idea and I hope it will be a new rule soon.
    The whole thing got out of Hand now. It became a problem like in DD with the tab abusers etc. At one point a few guys started to play with a ping which is a lot higher than it should be (90 ping players, have a 160 ping etc). They have a huge advantage, same as you have in DD with fps drops.

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    Sounds really useful, could get avoid a lot of unfair situations. Well done mate.

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    I think it could be better if you can select the ping limit, like carball, so players with lag/bad internet connections can play too. Only suggesting this for the laggers, not for the players who abuse their ping.

    I'm a player with baaaad internet connection, my ping is 340-600 its really annoying. And I can't play CWs. Sometimes i would like to play one but i can't.

    Could be nice if there is something like select the ping limit like carball, obviously both leaders of the clans must agree the limit.
    There is much latin players with high ping, so if there is a clan war between 2 clans full of latins players and they set the appropiate ping limit, they can play normally without problems or annoying kick.

    Just my opinion.

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    Originally Posted by Noc^
    I think it could be better if you can select the ping limit, like carball, so players with lag/bad internet connections can play too. Only suggesting this for the laggers, not for the players who abuse their ping.
    I completely understand your thoughts, but it's all about a ping being stable or not. E.g. A player like you, with +- 300 ping is easily able to play a clanwar when your ping is stable. But whenever your ping is going from 340 up to 600 you aren't able to play in a clanwars because you'll have a big advantage over others.

    There's a huge difference whenver someone's ping is going from 100 up to 120 and when someone's ping is going from 100-200. That last person has an advantage. Doesn't matter if his/hers original ping is 25, 100, or 300 like yours.

    There are lots of players that think it's all about having a standard high ping. Yes, ofcourse there will be a difference between a high ping and a low ping but the main problem here is that players are abusing their ping for that advantage. Causing their ping to be unstable due to a program or just having a bad internet connection

    Thanks for your opinion though!

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    Love the idea mate! I totally agree with everything you've said, I hope this rule gets added soon !

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