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    Hello FFS.

    Welcome to the 2nd SummerJam Tournament organized by FYC.

    As some of you already noticed, tournaments are being held from time to time (approx 3 per year) but this one is THE tournament of the year.

    And I have a pretty good feeling about this one, it will be big.


    Everyone is allowed to join this tournament, but as previous editions and to keep the games fluid the ping limit will be 150. Bear in mind, this tournament is NOT a National Cup or ClanWar. Feel free to choose whoever you want to be with, making sure everybody agrees ofcourse.

    We will keep the 3v3 model we used last year, max. 4 players are allowed per team but I would advise to just register just 3 per team so that more teams can be added to this tournament, BUT if you have the feeling that people won't show up, add a fourth member. The more we are the better it will be. Ofcourse, bear in mind that you have to communicate with each other by giving each others discord, whatsapp or whatever, so that we avoid problems on the day that the tournament starts. We want to avoid auto-wins...

    Registrations start today 25/6 and end 10/7. The official starting date of the tournament is yet to be determined but should be 13/14 July.


    As with every tournament, prizes are awarded to the first 3. The usual prizes is as follow

    3rd team - 125k money each
    2nd team - 250k money each
    1st team - 500k money each

    But... that depends on the amount of participants. Prizes might possibly be bigger for this tournament if more teams participate.

    All other information will be made available soon!

    Official SummerJam Tournament website:

    CarBall players would be thrilled to see -ffs- team play the tournament. I'm sure some of you play from time to time, how about lining up a team just for the fun of it? Who knows, you might go further than you think
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    We need events at RUN !!!!!

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    Originally Posted by Alin
    We need events at RUN !!!!!
    The FYC clan also organizes carball tournaments.
    [FYC]RauS - Sledge
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    i could play in this tournament
    and how i can register ?

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    Originally Posted by ahmedbs
    i could play in this tournament
    and how i can register ?
    You can register with the FYC website.
    Detailed information available here.
    [FYC]RauS - Sledge

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    Finally Tea u made a topic in events before the tournament. Lazy basterd.

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    No stuntage or race events?

    ARRIBA !!

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    More players, more fun! Go ahead and register your team!

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    Current registered teams!

    Name of Team: The Difference
    Team Tag: |TD
    Team Leader: ALL
    Discord of Leader: RauS#0116
    Members: [FYC]Lorente, [FYC]RauS, Xecutioner, -ffs-Aveng3r

    Name of Team: Burrito Bullies
    Team Tag: |BB|
    Team Leader: DannyS
    Discord of Leader: BakerCaker
    Members: DannyS, BakerCaker, SzalneX

    Name of Team: Predators
    Team Tag: [P]
    Team Leader: Snowy
    Discord of Leader: -
    Members: Hamza, Ibra, Neffex, Snowy

    Name of Team: Royal Chill Family
    Team Tag: |RCF
    Team Leader: [-]
    Discord of Leader: [-]#6545
    Members: [-], [+], VanDerSar, Jauzz

    [FYC]RauS - Sledge
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