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    FFS Gaming bids farewell to outgoing 2017
    2017 was an important year for us. Going through internal changes, collaborating with people we have never worked before, and finally recovering from the dramatic events happened in 2016. Despite all the difficulties, we believe this year has been very rich with updates; therefore, it is only right to wrap it up in the same manner. Hopefully, you are still sober because we have quite a few things to release today.

    Clan Manager 2.0 - Game of Clans
    Server clans take a major part in our community. We currently have almost 1,500 clans, which we could not be happier about. It is a huge milestone, and we see great potential in this field. Thus, it is time to bring it to a whole new level.

    Clan Rankings
    Until now, CW statistics and ratio were the main things to compare clans. Even though it represents activity, it does not represent strength. Decent statistics can be easily farmed by playing against smaller/weaker clans. We would like to add more competitiveness and something that would allow us to define real clan’s skills.

    Introducing ELO points. It is based on widely accepted ELO rating. The principle is simple: you progress faster when playing against clans with equal or higher ELO points. Oppositely, playing against weaker clans slows down your progress. The amount of points you receive is based on 3 things:
    • Opponent
    • CW Score
    • Players Amount (3 vs. 3, 4 vs. 4, etc.)
    All clans start with 1,200 ELO points. It will take some time till your rating balances out, but eventually it will represent true level in the leaderboard. Only ranked clan wars affect the rating.

    Clan Achievements
    40 new clan achievements have been added. Starting simply with 4 categories:

    • Members
    • Bank
    • Ranked CW Won (with money rewards)
    • ELO Rating (with money rewards)

    Design is adaptive to clan's color

    Clan War Betting
    Introducing a whole new betting system with dynamic coefficients and multipliers. Unlike the default bets between the opponents, it is available to all players. Simply find upcoming clan war in the schedule, choose your favorite team, bet desired amount and collect the prize.

    The system uses custom algorithms in order to define betting multipliers and coefficients. It considers the following:
    • Clan’s statistics
    • Average points of top 5 players of each opponent in the given game mode
    • Player’s bets

    Betting is protected by certain limits and algorithms against scammers:
    • Available for ranked clan wars only
    • Clan wars must be at least 3 vs. 3
    • Default clan war bet must be at least $50K
    • Both clans must have at least 15 ranked clan wars played
    • Betting is not available for clan wars against Donators
    • You must have at least 100 overall points
    • You can’t bet on your opponents
    • Maximum bet is $10K

    Clan System & Website Integration
    It is now deeply integrated into our forum. Basically, most of the actions are now available right from the website. It all happens in real-time.
    • Clan Editing
    • Promoting / Demoting / Kicking members
    • Joining / Leaving
    • Managing Join Requests
    • Clan Deposits
    • New Reset Clan Statistics (ELO & CWs). Price: $2,000,000

    New Clan War Modes
    Kudos to @Micra who has done an incredible job developing new CW modes for you!
    • DM WFF mode (being played in DM room)
    • DM Oldschool mode (being played in DM room)
    • Trials mode
    • Run mode
    You can read more HERE

    Request Clan War Window

    Clan Hierarchy
    Two new ranks have been added to the system. It is now more flexible, and provides greater control over your roster.
    • CW Managers - able to manage clan wars only
    • Trials - rather decorative rank for now, but can be useful to warn misbehaving members via demotion. Accepted recruits will have this rank by default from now on.

    Other Changes & Improvements
    • Clans Page has been completely re-built from scratch
    • New dark theme
    • Updated clans list with new sorting and clan logos display
    • More detailed information about clans
    • Updated individual clan page with new sections:
      • Clan Wars tab with game mode sorting
      • Deposits tab with the whole history and ability to deposit money
      • Achievements tab to track clan’s progress
      • Updated Clan Manager tab for easier use and ability to manage join requests
      • Added foundation date when creating clans
      • Added deposits methods: server, website
      • Added deposits date
      • Preview clan logo before the purchase
    • New Clan Wars Schedule Page: check upcoming clan wars & the ones that have already been played
    • New Bets Page to review all of your bets and track your progress
    • Royal League prizes & Donations perks are being delivered in real-time. No need to leave the server anymore
    • Guide page is now responsive
    • Tons of fixes and optimizations across the website

    More Screenshots

    Server Notifications 2.0
    The design has been refreshed with dynamic backgrounds and new icons to match website look. Most importantly, we are also introducing new types of notifications.
    Personal Notifications which work in real-time.
    • Forum PM
    • Forum & Gallery Replies
    • Forum & Gallery Likes
    • Achievements
    System Notifications
    These notifications are as colorful and vibrant as before so that you can easily spot them while being focused on your gameplay.


    Top times 2.0 - Top wins
    Kudos to @Micra once again for developing something really awesome for DD, Shooter & Hunter arenas. Introducing Top wins - an alternative to top times for non-race gamemodes. It is sorted by amount of wins per map.
    • DD & Shooter: playerCount >= 10
    • Hunter: playerCount >= 5
    Top wins in Maps Window

    Website Lobby
    We have had "Server" tab in the top menu on our forum almost from the very beginning. Interestingly enough, it has never had its dedicated page. Well, not anymore. Website Lobby is very similar to the server's lobby.

    As you might have noticed, there is a new section - "Maps & Results". It comes with 3 tabs:

    In addition, our administrators are able to delete top times right from the website. It will result in a faster cleaning, which was extremely frastruating due to lack of the system and a need to join the server & setting needed maps.

    *Maps & Results page is in BETA status. Some maps & toptimes might be missing!

    New Settings for Your Convinience
    We have heard your countless requests to add abilities to disable CW private messages and Royal League badge. Finally, the suffering is over now. You can update your settings here.

    New Server Toggles Design

    Bonus Week
    For the first time at FFS, all the money and points you receive during the following 7 days are doubled! Obviously, following our best traditions, everyone gets Donator status for this period as well.
    *Only in-game features

    It has been a while since we actually recruited trials, and after having a few intensive discussions (as usual), we would like to take a long list of people on board:

    Sneak Peek
    Last but definitely not least! Our development team is working hard on something big for Q1 2018.

    We sincerely hope you love these updates just as much as we do. We will always continue to work hard, and stronger than ever - FFS Gaming wishes you a Happy New Year!

    KingofSpeedMicraTKNTurbo^TechoVaraneRiv4Nox#AlcatrazPREDATORVanillaSkykevinuserThoriNkenzorqaFez_MultiplexKemal!#HaMzAAwayRyZeM4RT1NKaranfil13PoisonDaniAviZeptoEditorMTARoBystarsetKFCReazZonPLASMADurgundredd lo max+RuSO+DarmosUnknownerFars#TailsReduszMoonLorDCarmine~PureXATr1XZlatan!Zor0^DeRoXd1Kuba#Fuckygyuri345SackOne*Reaxerz##MaStFaiRenoxDMNKSubwayx)Mattox~FreeZon3SensoricaANTAR!Risen_44IsGhzGxtreme1LosmiNebla!VarieN##Mr.JacK1thwonderHellLordGonzalez~SmoK!#StrangerReflex#LimBoCR7#Tru-SKTadeusz^AdidasAtilaxRiseRwang#773NoMercyL1L1Grelek331#SherazpapiSkyressIchigo##LegendPunisherSiegexoRobert_M*R!der*ReonexSNXMasterAgressiv#SkyLion#JohnYDeansStuntPoolTwistty##ARDAIN69Pikachu^*Francis##RuuaanNNerevarAnUsAlinMalcolmXInspraMertCIFFONInventTobster#Mor0^CenSoRHeathcliffSeKaToRBTLTRizomDanny#DaNielRaGeXSandwaveZ#TheDragoN~Kasty lo maxsYKu#4yMW1NST0NHero#facebooMeraxesSeNaRonaldoWestMsur1kBoboGrindZaja#GGGirard#CookieR3AMBOYElektroPLClayNopperaDreamDanceKingpierreBlazeYConRespetoMixhetkr3nz+WaverideLeopoldoWalKFiXi'JoeeRosieBurNPenox'~'AzTecK'm1a2m3*VuuaaKR/\CERSamIXNoc^PavvlonSawyer#Dark#Veri$onSavaNorthVictoryMokkaSkyzinVonDuskyJuancaPeRFekTSpacyIronsLeonieQuinnmD|Weed.TRradixaLukacuLZ^R4M3ZR1P#Swidrox X I X XfaragSHSManijak4youKhaled#!N3zAXMete!TirnanoiTRiCKS?ZebraGiKoKacsaGuilhermEDezk#ReizenNaevertTicTocMartinRobot^LopahaxLessSpeedAnubis.FrankzyPeiNOVERHELLRyDeRSkaarjdramazon99AdemdoHeViMuthroad)BliZarDThenico#Goldy7QashqaiEmix'K'akashi<~kipkip8mach159Trendshamodi1TobseNTheMaRcInExVentraxCG7C3588sRevolcee}~CristiaN^^stock~iRBORNEQus4YTarinwordiThePaisa5Audi^XDiego^YvetteChaoticLeoox The GoatRichardx^Nake001MaRTiN#LnKSebaSxt4ngyRockZ!Chpyzor#NekoHappyEltonGeassMonikaSCreepypastasupreme^NitroNYa$s!Ne#**PiKa<~SuhaibZ!AceRRiToBanjuan#NumErosmohammad44TxZ4Sirio22Heisenberg$#Xuruquin^Anwixsnopar17[~Andre~]HwangUltraZzHardyM3ssi*Epic225#ReSiNgTifis#DrMc*Joaovski^Tayzo7Elsa<3!Proxy96Lumb^HundinF0XY1KanzyLabiVilaInTer!KacaKMrkRiseNQueen01RichBitchSamiTrtaaiinenMajdSelmiC0NN3RCoCoaTolgaprideNHrJZark~>mkjagersZeke#OsoS#HiImSyrusBuGRES1DENTMousyRilexx*Seex4N!asrzkSander445Alimahmuod1100Karim1989FrAnK^SHElevenSonny#TaLieRLuna^Ritual#francis^DaMian!Released the princeN1KoT1NSKYL1NE*S//*awnasyLeonardo//*MacO^RyanzinRutur4J#ErenPasaHedi# 

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    31.12.2017 - Bugfixes, Features, Clans 2.0 & Top wins


    • Sidebar Clan Manager: fixed no turn signals for recently added lights
    • Parachutes: fixed parachutes not being removed after landing @LuXorioN
    • Sidebar Settings: fixed toggle smoke bug
    • PTP Arena: fixed Limousine upgrades @LuXorioN
    • Radar: fixed colored blips not working in CW Arena Hunter
    • Radar: fixed colored blips not working in DD Arena Beta
    • Other minor bugfixes

    Features & Improvements:
    • Notifications: a whole new look @WW
    • Notifications: added forum notifications @WW
    • Sidebar Store: added proper checks for light textures download so you don't have to re-download it each time you join the server
    • Sidebar Store: updated the lights pack: added 5 new ones. A total of 51 lights available for you now!
    • Live Radio: radio info doesn't mess up with UI anymore: now drawn exactly above above missiles info and specbar (in case there is) with a nice looking animation
    • FFS Radio: specbar doesn't mess up with song info (F4) anymore, it will just hide down
    • Mapdeleter: in case your map got deleted you will receive a forum PM @WW
    • Sidebar: new toggles @WW
    • Arenas: updated "Next map starts in" label

    Clans 2.0:
    • CW Info Window: no racebar overlap anymore
    • Sidebar Clan Manager: removed 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 modes
    • Sidebar Clan Manager: added DM WFF mode
      Main rules:
      • 1st player to reach the Hunter gets 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd and 4th - 1 point
      • If nobody has reached the Hunter, nobody gets the points
    • Sidebar Clan Manager: added DM Oldschool mode
      Main rules:
      • Last player alive wins a point for the team
    • Sidebar Clan Manager: added Trials mode
      Main rules:
      • 1st player wins 12 points for the team, 2nd - 9 points, 3rd - 7 points, 4th - 5 points, 5th - 4 points, 6th - 3 points, 7th - 2 points and 8th - 1 point
    • Sidebar Clan Manager: added Run mode
      Main rules:
      • Race maps: 1st player wins 3 points for the team, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point. If nobody has finished the map, last survivor wins 1 point in case he reached more CPs than 2nd place player
      • Derby: 1st - 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point
    • Sidebar Clan Manager: added clan avatars
    • Sidebar Clan Manager: scrollbar will now reset on clan change
    • Sidebar Clan Manager: separated maps in CW DM and CW DM Oldschool

    Top wins:
    • A whole new system that counts map wins for DD, Shooter & Hunter
      • DD & Shooter: playerCount >= 10
      • Hunter: playerCount >= 5

    Update status: LIVE!
    TKNTechoTurbo^VaraneUnknownerWWkenzorqaFez_MultiplexRyZeAwayAviReflexZeptoRoByReazZonPLASMADarmosKingofSpeedS1imanon1thwonderTailsEditorMTAFars#ReduszThoriNPREDATOR~PureXkevinuseralexknReaxerz#ATr1XiRenoxDMNKSubwayx)FreeZon3SensoricaANTAR!Nebla!VarieN#SmoK!HellLord#LimBoCR7#Tadeusz^AtilaxIsGhNoMercySkyressIchigo##LegendRobert_M*R!der*SuhaibZ!PunisherMasterReonexSkyLion#SNXDeanspuglAlinMalcolmXsubzeroDZCIFFONCenSoRHeathcliffRizomDanny#RaGeX#4yMJDROCKKasty lo maxW1NST0NRonaldoSeKaToRWestM#CookieAnUsDreamDanceWaverideWalKZinhoborbam1a2m3*VuuaaKStuntPoolSamIXJoeeNoc^NaevertrPHackSavaNorthVictoryJuancaMoonLorDIronsmo7med#BournitoLukacuLZSandwaveZVeri$onSwidrox X I X XSHSManijak4youTirnanoZebraGuilhermERobot^Anubis.SkaarjMuthroad)BliZarDThenico#Emixkipkip8TobseNTheMaRcInExVentraxRevolcee}~CristiaN^^RiseRAudi^YvetteAgniLeoox The GoatMaRTiN#SebaSxt4ngyRockZ!#NekoHappyEltonsupreme^NitroNYa$s!Ne##Xuruquin^dredd lo maxWaifuM3ssi*TifisElsa<3!Proxy96Lumb^SeNaC0NN3RTolgaprideNOsoS#*Seex4N!HrJmD|Weed.TRAlimahmuod1100DiatroNEleven*Francis#Sonny#francis^awnasy#Mor0^ 

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    Happy 2018!!

  4. Re: Happy 2018, FFS! 31-12-2017, 11:03 • #4
    Congratulations to everyone! truly deserved it. Beautiful changes and sneak peek as well, good work.
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    Congratulations to new Trials & Juniors

  6. 31-12-2017, 11:05
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    Re: Happy 2018, FFS! 31-12-2017, 11:05 • #6
    gz boys

  7. 31-12-2017, 11:05
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    Re: Happy 2018, FFS! 31-12-2017, 11:05 • #7
    congratulations to me as new admin

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    Where's -ffs-STARSET! ?
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    Re: Happy 2018, FFS! 31-12-2017, 11:05 • #9
    Congratulations to new Trials and new updates!

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    Re: Happy 2018, FFS! 31-12-2017, 11:06 • #10
    Congrats magik and deans^^

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