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    What is Hot Pursuit?

    Hot Pursuit is a gamemode consisting of 2 teams, the Racers and the Police. Each team has 25 spots, making a total of 50. The Racers try to finish the map, while the Police tries to catch them. To catch a Racer, use “x“ or your mouse to drop/remove stingers. (You need atleast 2 tires destroyed for cars and 1 tire destroyed for bikes to get the bust)

    Arena Rules:

    • Teaming outside your clan is not allowed! - Includes letting other racers go / focusing.
    • Do not freeroam as a racer!
    • Do not press enter as a racer to avoid being busted! - This rule also applies if you intentionally jump into water or set yourself on fire to avoid being busted.
    • Do not block your teammates! (Racer blocking Racer, Cop blocking Cop)
      Note: This rule also applies if you want to protect your clan member.
    • Do not kill other cops if you have a Rhino or Hydra!
    • Do not use VPN!

    SPANISH version: https://ffs.gg/threads/94847-Hot-Pur...-Mapping-Guias
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