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    Like I've already said in the FX - News & Updates thread we will from now on post a monthly thread in which you can find all accepted applicants, people that left the Clan, promotions etc.

    Come and goes:

    We would like to welcome the following members to our clan:
    • Virus
    • LimBo
    • Khaled
    • Mark
    • ReLaX
    • Erhan
    • Cappy
    • ZooMy
    • Mark
    • Skumby
    • Swindex
    • Lucek

    And we would like to welcome back the following members:
    • Hardy
    • RoBy
    • DaMn
    • NaDe
    • TheDragoN

    With all the new faces, we also have to say good bye to:
    • Hack - "Retired", Kicked
    • Stoian aka Yolo - Retired
    • Lopaha - Left


    It was just a matter of time for DonJohn to be promoted to leader. He has been a part of the Clan for a quite long time already. Due to his loyality, his good will of help and the good management of Clan Wars, he really deserved his promotion.

    Besides that, RoBy has been promoted to CW Manager (Shooter). For now he's doing his job pretty well. Let's see what else we can reach in the near future, under his and DonJohn's Clan War management!

    Clan Wars:

    This month we also played some Clan-Wars with some more or less great results.
    Once again we would like to thank the opposing team for the nice Clan Wars.
    You can find the whole Clan War page here or there.

    Total: 29
    Won: 26
    Lost: 3

    Whole list of played Clanwars

    If you want to challenge us, please make a request here or contact some leader ingame.

    In addition to that, we set up our own Discord Server. If you want to join and talk with us, feel free to!
    Click me to join.

    FX Leadership

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