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    Free Premium
    for 8 days
    Free Auto-B
    for a limited time
    2x Points & Cash
    on all Arenas
    No-Delay added
    on DM
    New TRON Stadium
    by KingOfSpeed
    250€ Prize Pool
    for Lucky 7
    Fresh Trials
    for you to abuse

    After all these years, today totalling a whopping number of 8, it almost seems like waiting for this particular day has become some kind of tradition amongst our most loyal community members. Expectations are growing with each year and our goal is to fulfill, ideally, even exceed those. Before we start off with the ton of amazing news we have, we would like to pledge some kind of toast - just like serious old people do on their 50th birthday (yeah, that's how old FFS feels by now).

    Players come and go and sometimes so do our Members or even Leaders. Today, FFS Gaming is the result of contributions from various people around the world, some of which are not part of this Community anymore. Kudos and Thanks to everyone who participated over the years and made this project what it is today. Mentioning particular names would be kind of unfair, as technically everyone deserves to be mentioned and this post would otherwise include nothing but a huge list of names.

    With that said - Skol!

    Gifts & Server Updates

    Now comes the fun part that probably matters most to our average, yet beloved, player. In accordance to our previous birthdays we are giving 8 days of Free Premium to everyone. To make it even better we are adding Free Auto-B and a 2x Bonus on Cash & Points for a limited time. Happy grinding!
    *Only in-game Premium features, only for registered users

    Along comes a set of notable changes to the server which can be considered gifts, as well:

    General Non-English is now allowed in Arena Chats to open up for regions where English is less commonly spoken (Global Chat remains English-only)
    General Fixed glitchy Caddy handling (Credits to Renkon)
    DM Added No-Delay to remove the handicap of players with high pings when beating toptimes (to be added in more arenas)
    Auto-B Increased Cashback to 50% so the whole price will be refunded with Premium
    Forum Fixed user profiles with many subscribers taking very long time to load

    New Lobby Icons

    An amazing job has been done by our Designer & Modeller KingOfSpeed to freshen up the Lobby of our now exactly 6 years old Multigamemode which not only revolutionized Racing, but also MTA as a whole - realizing what many deemed as straight up impossible. Yes, we are basically celebrating 2 birthdays in such a short time span! Now, look at these sick customly rendered icons:

    Compare to how it looked like 6 years ago!

    TRON Stadium

    And if that was not enough to impress you yet, we are also adding a whole new and customly modelled Tron Stadium bringing you some vibes from a different reality to CarBall. Who else if not KingOfSpeed created this masterpiece which also brings a whole different playstyle to CarBall due to the smoothened walls around it.

    Show ingame screenshots

    Lucky 7 Outcome

    Congratulations go to Nitrous Racing for winning Season 3 of our clan-based WFF league. They literally whipped out The Baguette onto the field and smashed up everyone else with it. Even a portion of DOS was unable to stop them from winning with an impressive score of 323 - 237 (+86) while being tied with Xtreme pro Racers and Seventh Miracle at 9 Points.

    Xtreme pro Racers
    9 Points | 310 - 250 (+60)
    Seventh Miracle
    9 points | 289 - 271 (+18)

    Season 3 may be over, but Lucky 7 is not - quiet the contrary - Season 4 is in fact the start to a new era in competitive Racing.

    Whether it be the record of 277 contestants at Who Finishes First 17 or the fact of Lucky 7 being the first successful clan-based WFF league - we are constantly pushing the competitive scene forward. The amount of Tournaments and Events around the competitive Racing scene is steadily increasing while the quality of each tournament is also improving without a doubt. Today, we are taking Lucky 7 to a whole new level with Season 4 using a mix of fundamental rule changes and adding our largest ever Prize Pool in actual cash.

    Season 4 will introduce an all-new approach towards its participating clans. To reduce the effect of frequent clan switching or even whole roster swaps, each team will have to provide a list of 15 contestants prior to the tourney. Those rosters will be locked for the duration of the Season, despite a small window for mid-season roster changes. This new rule will be strictly enforced using various checks for Serial number and other indentifiers. Ideally, this approach will help increase loyalty of contestants towards their clan. Participating clans should now be way more careful when recruiting players known for "clanhopping".

    Who Finishes First Oldschool

    Keep failing at DM? WFF 17 maps were way too hard?

    Then we may have just the right thing for you - WFF Oldschool! Allowing you to compete against others on way easier-to-pass Oldschool maps without sacrificing any of the competitive nature of its harder brother. It is definitely the best place to start off your professional WFF career. Registration is now open and can be found right here.

    Video Collection

    Recently, we started gathering videos of any Tournament and Clan War ever played. We would highly appreciate to have streamers join the process and help us out recording upcoming games. If you are going to stream a match and planning to upload the video of it onto YouTube, feel free to leave a comment in our new List of Videos.

    our Stalker Award goes to
    40 Matches recorded

    This is by far the largest single collection of videos around the competitive MTA Racing scene. Legit history with loads of legends dating back to 2011 - such as FFS vs SHC:

    Mapping Contest

    It took us a while, but we finally managed to finish our Mapping Contest we started months ago. Mappers, being one of the core elements in making this entire game possible, deserve their own reward for their relentless efforts. It is definitely worth taking a closer look at the Mapping Contest results. And of course - do not forget to check them out on our server!

    From now on we will accept Trial and Squad members according to our schedule, only four times a year. The exact days of accepting will vary as they will be mainly bound to our competitive leagues. In addition, we started to perform inactivity checks during the spring which resulted in parting ways with plenty of members. But, today it's time to get some new ones!

    Welcome aboard:


    Special Thanks to PREDATOR and NitroN (including PLASMA and KingOfSpeed with their secret projects)
    ZeRoXy!RonaldoTrtaaiinenLutZioSNXalindredd lo maxATr1X.thenicoEditorMTAAnUsLosmiThoriNLuna^Sawyer#AviFlokkZ!AwayUnknownerTadeusz^SmoK!TechomkjagersPackyTailsZooMy!S1imanonRaedsWonder#FuckyReaxerz#skyline17SheldoNZaitsevRyDeRSackOne*#SherazpapiInventVictoryAgressiv#DurgunRyZeBTLTA1onexDarK1nGThompieNLRisen_44N3zAXstormiHellLordDanieL#ElevenDividE#DeLeTePLASMAnoxitoVULTUREXLimBoHero#KacsaKhaled#!BoboGrindR/\CERQashqaiReduszXSnackSeNaLookaTLePablowCastiellsubzeroDZYigithaN#4yMxLSIsGhxVitaLDarmosCoCoa~Am10YaKloolusOnurRobert_MNoNameZIchigo#ozkanxaMertTurbo^FrAnK^SHRichardx^TONYyaniZeke#R3AMBOYOsoS#Leoox The GoatRacer1337MelihVarieN#DanxanionexWaverideBLTZZeldaKViskuzCankySHSTirnanoZeRoN!SandwaveZRilexxNitroNBoxinGKiwiDaNiel#Cookie#BaZooKa^Danny#MoonLorDCristiaN^^Kaka.#TheDragoN~FreeZon3M4RT1NWaylonAnubis.Sonny#G0PR0#MRAhmedFrancis#AtilaxYvetteNOVEENZarkuMayrouNawaf18Snoop.VuuaakewM3ssi!KacaKGonzalez~W1NST0NveeduRexonSpotlightGunz97KanzyDMNKIbrahim^Swidroxo_Clown_KrlosABC'SMeraxesPREDATORKRALLLLLLLNataamWalKKingofSpeedKeLLeCiKracK!iFunnyoRaFa3lloCriMenTvzRaGeXNatsuHiImSyrus*R!der*SeKaToRDean.Hack#ZlatanUriel2N17r0!ElCrow-HaLeYJoeL-Leo#Noc^kaalet#MaStFaMaRTiN#Al_CaponeYa$s!Ne#UltraZzNoMercy**PiKa<~DohaSkaarjStuntPoolFars#Skynetd1KubaReleased.xMarchew1337CykzVentraxHamoristarsetKFC_SETH ROLLINSMohdsprite#OxYLeonieQuinnLnKZeta.Anwix#VirusElsa<3!TicTocWerteXGutoChaoticMuthroad)JoeeRoByRemiX*DreamDanceShankZSuhaibZ!VonKastyTobseNkipkip8HediH4TTYZaNt#Sneg_Meffcent#BournitoSuperNickKONASKFairMonstercat^jozsueTeOSigmunduAF0XY1KaM!Revolcee}~SixizLeo.NidasAtomaticDemon!AnitaaZseryZor0^salfi~com![X]m1a2m3#NekoMarqueLumb^#LegendHomyatolTheMaRcInExSavaNorthIrons#RedMohaequispeedBully!KrmKyMrM4sl0Alimahmuod1100Vortex#EmixSopNawDinkMrk#DraxleR^hishamvEnom#Mo7amedmasryDeansCardosin!Rubeen17Freaak98paifrogANTAR!.amirSamIXBirdyyy#LewnHarshaRyanzinahmedbsPolomySKYL1NE*GayBoB#Mrrko1PandaN1Timur2014awnasyomer3527Hard23JhonataN!SekiR#DrMcHardyAkeitooFoxeSky!FakuuVaz^L3id!*Destiny#EvVoZ#Heisenberg$*AtmacaErenPasaB0M^.^[SP]AWNDiatroNDryStonnersPegasusNinJawonLiXuZKAZIKOSrunweldx 

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    Re: Happy 8th Birthday, FF8! 29-06-2018, 11:02 • #2
    Happy Birthday FFS! and Congrats to all of the winners and new trials.Ihsan kanka sonunda şeytanın bacağını kırdın adhasjkdsajk
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    Re: Happy 8th Birthday, FF8! 29-06-2018, 11:03 • #3

    EDIT: Jokes aside, congrats to new trials, and to xN for winning season 3.
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    Re: Happy 8th Birthday, FF8! 29-06-2018, 11:03 • #4
    Good job boy

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    Re: Happy 8th Birthday, FF8! 29-06-2018, 11:03 • #5
    Happy Birthday FF8 !
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    Re: Happy 8th Birthday, FF8! 29-06-2018, 11:04 • #6
    Lmao where's Avi ? Congratz Anus

    EDIT : Happy Birthday FFS and congrats to new trials
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    Re: Happy 8th Birthday, FF8! 29-06-2018, 11:06 • #7
    Gz bros!
    Happy birthday ff8!

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    Re: Happy 8th Birthday, FF8! 29-06-2018, 11:07 • #8
    Good job FFS!! Happy 8

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    Re: Happy 8th Birthday, FF8! 29-06-2018, 11:07 • #9
    Congratulations to new trials, I hope @SmoK! will find a great place in his future team, also big congratulations to @RyZe and @Awayrito
    Well deserved guys.
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    Re: Happy 8th Birthday, FF8! 29-06-2018, 11:07 • #10
    Does this server gives a shit about other arenas except dm ?

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