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    In-game: [FwF]Twistty*
    WauCVGh.pngTwistty's Junior Application WauCVGh.png

    After many attempts to be junior, I had given up for a moment, but now I come back with full force, new skills and a brand new behaviour. I never give up!

    WauCVGh.png What’s your name, age and location?WauCVGh.png
    Hello, my real name is Dimitar Georgiev, in-game Twistty, I'm 16 years old and I live in small town called Dulovo in Bulgaria!

    WauCVGh.png How long have you been playing at FFS Gaming and MTA overall? WauCVGh.png
    Let me introduce you about my MTA career now, in a short recap. My MTA career started approximately 6 years ago in a freeroam server. I believe a lot of people who are known in MTA used to play there and I moved to DayZ server. After it, I came across FFS, therefore I started playing here, I liked this server very much, because I find it wonderful and interesting. Besides, I am always willing to help players, which makes me happy and my stay useful. This year I started playing outside FFS, in DD FW/CW servers. I went into a couple of clans, but things did not work, I created a clan a month ago, but I closed it because everyone starts roaring and justifying why we've lost a few clan wars... My main gamemode I would say is Derby. I am playing DM OS and Shooter for fun. I've been in some official clans too with which I am proud of this.

    WauCVGh.png How often do you play? WauCVGh.png
    I can play 5-6 hours in a day, everything depends on my free time.

    WauCVGh.png Why should we choose you over others as a Junior? WauCVGh.png
    Well, I am mature, serious, helpful, funny person. I am always ready to help with whatever I have, also want to develop the DD arena. I hate when someone is trying to broke the rules and trying to cheat the game, so I am always doing some screenshots, videos or talking with junior/admin about him/her. I made under 200+ valid reports which show that I am the great person for this rank, which I am waiting from 1 years and some months. Just need the chance, to improve myself.

    WauCVGh.png Contacts WauCVGh.png
    Skype : live:twistty_3
    Discord : Twistty#7117

    WauCVGh.png Additional information (optional): WauCVGh.png

    I think to share about my life isn't so useless, will be good to know what kind of person I am.

    I am a mature, helpful, serious and funny person in real life and in game as well. I know when to be serious and when to joke and be funny, I usually make people laugh a lot and making them smile, and I love to make anyone happy. I get angry in any moments, when some players broke my limit. It affects my behaviour ofcourse, but I try to keep myself calm. I never surrender for everything what happend. I was born in Dulovo/Bulgaria. I lived in Cuprys many months but then all of a sudden everything is changed , therefore I decided to move back to Bulgaria. I think my english knowledge is not that bad, but I am trying to improve it day by day. I living with my mother here but usually I'm alone in weekdays because my mother has to work (like every people). Last year was very hard for me because my sister passed away, then I start to be phesimist and from stress I start to be very very fat. I was so sad few months and tried some bad things on me, but I understand that's a part of everyone's life. Also my father is sick (anything with brain, don't remember so much), but he's nothing for me, he's a very very bad father and i wont forget what he did to my family. So I can say my life is 70% bad things, but I am trying to remove them and trying to be good, funny every time. I am trying to do my best for everything. Before some months I said "This shit will need to stop" I start to eat healty, start to going on fitness, etc; I will work hard and do my best to start to be with normall kgs. My family is in normal situation, but I can't say that we're rich or something like that, but I am spending my money only for good things, for my sister and for my mother. Yeah I can't buy a new PC these years, but I'll start to work next year maybe, because I will pass 15 y/o, so that's it about this theme. Before I finish this part I would say that I'm a 2nd year "Mehanic" student in PGOOT. One of my favourite things is that I enjoy helping people. It gives me a good feeling if someone knows what to expect from me and knows that I can solve problems. I think solving problems together is a priority for a Community Staff, because it will hopefully solve that these situations don’t occur that much anymore and people learn from their mistakes. Giving a hand to someone means a lot to me. If a person get stuck with something and you are able to help him, you get that proud feeling. I spend most of my time on the laptop and if I'm not on my laptop, I'm either watching movies or out with friends. If you see me around, don't be shy and say Hi, love ya!

    I also have a YouTube channel in which I've stuntage videos, if you're interested press here. Thank you for reading my long Junior request, hope you enjoy it and learn anything from my life.

    With respect,
    WauCVGh.png Twistty
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    In-game: [FwF]Twistty*
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    I'm sorry for the bump, but here I'll write the updates and inactivity reports.

    WauCVGh.png Updates:
    2018/11/14 - Added some information, also changed the style of the thread.
    2018/11/16 - Edit.
    2018/12/4 - Updated a lot of information, also edit the style of the thread, again.

    WauCVGh.png Inactivity reports: -
    2018/12/17 - 2018/12/24 Still alive XOXO
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