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    In-game: *Citrom~
    Introduce your self (name,age,nationality,location):
    Hey guys! My name is Daniel,currently 15 years old,living in Poole,England. I've borned in Budapest,Hungary in 2003. I am a really skillfull player in DeathMatch Oldschool A,also in Shooter,expect looking at my points.
    Your MTA career (when and where you have started playing MTA):
    Basically I've started MTA in 2015,played with DD,RolePlay servers. In 2017 I visited this server.Then I went back to RolePlay servers. End of this Summer I came back here with my account forgotten. So I've registered a new one,which is basically this one.I am really enjoying this server,playing my life in this server.
    Have you been in any other clans? if yes mention them:
    How would you be useful to the team?:
    I should be useful in this team by my Deathmatch skills. I dont want to show myself to be a pro player,but I good enough to reach hunter somehow. I can be useful in Shooter as well.
    How would you rate your skills in Oldschool/Alpha?:
    Oldschool: 7/10 Alpha: 4/10
    Why do you want to join us?:
    I want to be part of this clan because I saw some players in this clan who were played well in game modes,also having fun,get skills.
    How to contact you? *skype,discord.etc*:
    Skype name : #Oszi!

    Best regards,
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