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    A successful & fun 2018 is coming to an end with millions of green trees set up in the fanciest of decoration and colorful gifts underneath. The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other and - most importantly - free Premium on FFS Gaming!

    Talking about decorations - we have updated both our Website and Server with appropriate flavor for the season. Do not hesitate to check it out on your own!

    Click to view Winter Lobby

    Because Santa Claus on his own is not able to deliver all the gifts, we are adding little helpers to help bringing the joy to all the kids. Our recruitment this time is split into three parts. First of all, resurrecting our DD team:

    Secondly, what our WFF, DM and OS teams have accomplished this year was absolutely amazing. Both Our DM and OS teams managed to win all the matches throughout their corresponding Lucky 7 DM and Lucky 7 OS tournaments this summer. We will not, however, rest on the success, but still strive to improve both our organizational and competitive capabilities. For that reason we are adding:

    Last but not least, three more applicants earned the majority of votes from our members, these are:

    Talking about Lucky 7: Our WFF-based clan league has ended just a week ago. In total, we have distributed a record-breaking 250 € in prize money to the top 5 personal standings this year. Congratulations to the MVPs of Season 4:

    Furthermore, we congratulate Seventh Miracle for winning the tournament with a score of 618 - 362 (+256) and 21 Points - not losing a single match!

    Xtreme pro Racers
    18 Points | 588 - 392 (+196)
    FFS Gaming
    15 points | 556 - 424 (+132)

    Santa's red bag is far from being empty yet! We are preparing a new Arena to be released in January - a really fun mode consisting of various Minigames played in random order. More details in a seperate News topic are coming soon.

    Ho ho ho & Merry Christmas,

    Special Thanks to PREDATOR
    VULTUREX#Mrrko1Lumb^RonaldoEditorMTAnone[RAGE]ChromeVortex#'HedizGxtreme1LeoS#InfiNity.Luna^DMNKDanxPREDATORMoonElevenRyanzinWaylonGrelek331DRFTM3ssi*R/\CERSawyer#SackOne*DiatroNVitalicAnwixSky!CveleHawakenM4RT1NVoLcaNo~#TheDragoN~ZaNt#QashqaiKrEs|T|aLNitroNANTAR!starsetKFCNox##MaStFaKracK!ABC'SStuntPoolFrAnK^SHNoNameZN17r0!A7MDzZseryCoLiMiHydra.RyZeAlcatraz*IceIceKaroKarcsiTwisttyZeRoXy!AtomaticDziugassLewnAnubis.namealexThoriNwolf7887x*DraganoV#VirusGGGirardWalKKowakEyecatcherTONYDice*Reaxerz#BariXphoenixXYouMeKripzorLosmiCrystalVictoryReduszRevolcee}~HiImSyrusAwayTurbo^StoychevKhydRaArMexyxDarK1nGMrM4sl0Subwayx)Elsa<3!NoMercyAvi#RuuaanNTailsmessi12345Rutur4J#JoeemD|Weed.TRSuhaibZ!TRIPL3XSKYL1NE*ExenQueen01ZeRoN!MeraxesFars#F0XY1StartsevaMaRTiN#SeNaMoHaMMaDAnasKaraeenAturex~SupeR^Agressiv#Robert_MRed123567ATr1XKasty lo maxReflexBoboGrind+RuSO+#ZORi#LnKGeassAtilax#Zaitsev~DoNaT1k#BaZooKa^dredd lo maxMousyVentraxRapyonMoonLorDHeisenberg$*Francis#ObitoFSK7#Mor0^**PiKa<~Krlos-floopY-Muthroad)BeastW1NST0NIsGhSeKaToRCIFFONmasryloldodVarane//Polomy\\AcrodexHomyatolMinato903SkyressNebla!TirnanoTrendsHamori#MRAhmedCascaDemkjagersElCrowhishamBest4PlayOsoS#Dynamo#UltraZzKingofSpeed#DonJohnMagikZebraSmoK!HenrkIrons*VuuaakewiTRiCKS?LeviosaMicraKatyfaNoc^#Cookiext4ngyInspraAkiDrox*AnUsL1L1MayrouFlokkZ!RilexxR3AMBOYRyDeRCriMenTvzKennal!Andreas666WonderJose909iFunnyoLeonardo//K1SS_ME~com![X]MotivationMovies#CappySoldie[R]Risen_44ShaaneLopahaPunisherTheMaRcInExJeremaYa0rT1zZz#NekoFiXi'Xavi21-HaLeYJoeL-TicTocOnweDzinhoBTLTHydra150Nano.#DrMcErik1990ELeMMeNTwegaTheFallenChaoticYvetteFreeZon3xLessSpeedHack##MRGhostradixasalfiKaM!AkromZ!MixterZor0^AeronJauzZ*RikersSHSB0M^.^COBRADzGutoSandwaveZmD|JoseffLuis456m1a2m3*R!der*bum8hj123notdogzoneMonstercat^Nani*Alimahmuod1100ghazanferWyverN.CherrysDemKReleased the princejones1Thenico#omer3527RausDraGuNMartinhamiidScionzstock~#LegendhopawadatrZlatanHardypatris293RemiX*Snoop^piffike^L3id!Daemon69XZ/\/Zepto 

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